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The Tryon Creek-Riverdale Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) serves Arnold Creek, Collins View, Marshall Park and South Burlingame neighborhoods.


Emergency staging area for Arnold Creek: Stephenson Elementary School



Monthly meetings are held to review training, discuss current events and plan for emergencies. Contact: Team Lead Marcel Rodriguez, When: The second Wednesday of each month, 6:30pm Where: Stephenson Elementary School, 2627 SW Stephenson St. (MAP)


Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node (BEECN)

NET equipment cache  NET equipment cache  NET equipment cache A BEECN is a place to go in Portland after a major earthquake to ask for emergency assistance if phone service is down, or report severe damage or injury. Stephenson Elementary School field is a BEECN site.
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PACE Setter, May 2013: PACE Setter was the largest regional disaster exercise Portland has participated in since TOPOFF 4 in 2007. As part of PACE Setter, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) conducted a full-scale test of the Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes (BEECN), including the one located at Stephenson Elementary School. Volunteers deployed to the location of the BEECN equipment cache, set up the tent and communications equipment and established communication with the nearest fire station via UHF radio provided by PBEM.


Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. neighborhood coalition hazards map



More Information - Join Your Neighborhood Emergency Team

The Tryon Creek-Riverdale Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) is a volunteer neighborhood group and we need you! The basic training will give you the skills to work with your neighbors to save lives and property during the first 72 hours of any citywide emergency. The skills you'll learn in the free NET training will also help you manage emergencies that you may encounter in daily life. NET volunteers often have opportunities to support neighborhood events and provide disaster assistance. Training and certification are provided by the Portland Brueau of Emergency Management.


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Portland Bureau of Emergency Management



Include your pet in emergency plans

  • Add pet food that doesn't require power to prepare to your emergency kit
  • Treats help calm you pet in stressful times
  • Stock enough water for you and your pet
  • Arrange for a safe place for you and your pet to go - don't leave your pet behind
  • Keep a leash close by - pets get disoriented in an emergency and can wander away
  • Put a "rescue my pet(s)" sticker on your doors so police or fire personnel know to rescue your pets