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Boones Ferry Culvert Replacement

Environmental Services and its partners are working on a project to replace a culvert on Tryon Creek under Boones Ferry Road. The existing culvert blocks all upstream fish passage and is too small to allow adequate flow during wet weather. The project will:
  • Allow fish to pass into Upper Tryon Creek and Arnold Creek upstream of Boones Ferry Road and will improve stream flow.
  • Install large wood and rock to protect fish habitat, reduce erosion and improve water quality.
  • Protect an exposed sewer pipe on Tryon Creek upstream of the culvert.
  • Install equipment to monitor fish movement after construction.
  • Provide pedestrian and wildlife passage through the new culvert.
  • Provide trail connectivity to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area North Creek Trailhead. Trail enhancements may include the undercrossing through the culvert, stairs to the roadway, a sidewalk to the trailhead and an interpretive area.
BES project page:


  • March 11, 2014: Jennifer Devlin from Portland Bureau of Environmental Services and John Mullen from Oregon Parks and Recreation presented at the Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association meeting. The project includes a new higher-elevation trail that replaces an existing informal trail west of Boones Ferry Road to the culvert, crossing under Boones Ferry and continuing on the east side of Boones Ferry, connecting with the North Creek Trail in Tryon Park. There are different proposals for the new pedestrian-accessible underpass including a bridge and a culvert. The contractor has recommended a culvert based on cost but the majority of committee members prefer a bridge. View the SW Boones Ferry Culvert Replacement Area Map.
  • September 11, 2013: Portland City Council unanimously approved a second reading of the following motion: Authorize contract with Berger ABAM, Inc. and provide for payment for the design and implementation of the Tryon Creek at Boones Ferry Culvert Replacement Project No. E08682 for $607,505
  • Text of ordinance to authorize contract with BergerABAM, Inc.
Read more at the City of Portland website: BES Flyer