Native Plant Swap Goes Live!

Oxalis oregana and sword fern make great backyard plants!

You probably knew that planting natives is good for watershed health, but did you know it could also be free? The SW Watershed Resource Center is excited to announce the launch of our newest program, the Native Plant Swap! This fall, we continually heard from you that the biggest barrier to getting involved in native gardening and environmental restoration is the costs and expertise these activities require. To help make these resources truly available for all, we got the idea to crowd-source native plants and knowledge. From this, the Native Plant Swap was born. 

How it Works

The Native Plant Swap is for all Portland-area residents to share native plants at no cost. Simply visit the site here, browse the available plants under "View Posts", or add your own under "Post". When you post, you can either share something you have to give away, or post "in search of" something you'd like. If you see a post that interests you, simply reply to it, and your message will automatically send to the poster. At that point, you can set up a time to meet and exchange the plants.

Knowledge Sharing

One of the most important parts of the Native Plant Swap experience is the knowledge-sharing aspect of the site. When you meet up to share the plants, we hope that you will ask the poster about taking care of the plant and learn from their experiences. We believe that strong communities are formed by neighbors interacting through shared knowledge and experience. By caring for plants and sharing this wisdom with others, you are improving our watershed and strengthening the bonds that hold our community together.

Please contact WRC Manager, Hilary Hunt with questions and comments about the Native Plant Swap: or (503) 823-2862.