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Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Board


Mission: SWNI empowers citizen action to improve and maintain the livability of Southwest neighborhoods.


Responsibility of Board

  • Hire staff and develop policies for the management of the agency.
  • Plans and approves the SWNI annual budget.
  • Plans and approves the annual action plan for citizen participation and crime prevention.
  • Contracts with the City of Portland to provide services to member neighborhood and business associations and southwest citizens.
  • Provides in-depth information to citizens on citizen participation, crime prevention and how to work with city bureaus and other public agencies.
  • Provides a forum for important Southwest issues and organizes area wide events, i.e., candidates-fair, annual cleanup, volunteer recognition event.
  • The board does NOT represent or make decisions for individual neighborhoods. Each neighborhood association is autonomous in its decision-making power.


2014 SWNI Board Retreat

Baord Retreat 2014


Update on Strategic Plan Prezi

Strategic Plan Update


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members are elected by vote of the entire board for one-year terms, serving July 1st through June 30th, coinciding with the fiscal year.

Neighborhood Association Representatives

The board includes a representative from each of the 17 member neighborhood associations. Each of these volunteer-run neighborhood associations are responsible for selecting their representative. Read about SWNI Neighborhoods.
  • Arnold Creek:  Hugh McGavick
  • Ashcreek:  Dorothy Gage
  • Bridlemile:  Mary Ann Santana
  • Collinsview:  C. Davis Parchment
  • Crestwood:  John Prouty
  • Far Southwest:  Marcia Leslie
  • Hayhurst:  Tom McCarley
  • Hillsdale:  Glen Bridger
  • Homestead:  Milt Jones
  • Maplewood:  Karen Williams
  • Markham:  Donna Herron
  • Marshall Park:  Lynda Troutman
  • Multnomah:  Kay Durtschi
  • South Burlingame:  Betsy Shand
  • South Portland:  Ken Love
  • Southwest Hills Residential League:  Nancy Seton
  • West Portland Park:  Mike Langtry

Committee Chairs

The board includes committee chairs, appointed by the president and approved by the entire board. Read about SWNI Committees.
  • Communications:  Lee Buhler
  • Land Use:  John Gibbon
  • Parks & Community Centers:  Kirky Doblie
  • Public Safety:  James Nobles
  • Schools:  Will Fuller
  • Transportation:  Roger Averbeck

Business Association Representatives

The board includes a representative from each of the 3 member business associations. Each of these business associations are responsible for selecting their representative.
  • Hillsdale Business Associationopen
  • Multnomah Business Associationopen
  • South Portland Business Associationopen

    Baord Retreat 2013