School News

Local Option Levy renewal – Measure 26-161
At its September meeting, the SWNI Schools Committee voted to request that SWNI take a position in support of measure 26-161 to renew the local option property tax to support public schools in SW and throughout greater Portland. We introduced the motion at the September SWNI board meeting, to be voted on at the October 22 SWNI board meeting. This gives board members a month to look over the levy and discuss the motion with their neighborhoods before voting. The downside is that the vote comes relatively late in the election cycle, and the SWNI Board action isn’t known as the paper goes to press.
SWNI has traditionally not taken stands on ballot measures, and we should do so only after careful consideration. In this case, however, the SWNI board voted to support the Parks Bond at an earlier meeting, and the levy gives Portland 40 more teachers (in addition to the 600 it already funds) with no increase in taxes, which is a good deal for our children and their still-underfunded schools.

Boundary Review and Enrollment Balancing under Review
Two major groups are helping PPS in this major readjustment of school boundaries and transfer policies: Portland State University Center for Public Service, and the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollments and Transfers, or SACET.
SACET is due to report to PPS in late October. As of press time, the report hasn’t been issues, but check the SWNI Schools website for the latest.
You can track SACET meetings on their website - the PSU preliminary report and other information on the process, go to the Portland Public Schools Boundary Review website
As we get more information on the process, we’ll send out bulletins to our contact list and on the SWNI Schools website.

Community Forums on Schools
Stay alert for notices from Portland Public Schools on forums in our part of town with school board members listening to our concerns, comments and questions. Some committee members went to one at Wilson on October 13th which was a cut above prior PPS-sponsored events, and more are coming in November.

More Info Online
Go to the SWNI Schools website and click on the topics above. This year is going to be jumping, and now’s the time to get informed.

Next meeting: Thursday, November 20, 2014, 7 to 9 PM at Room 4, Multnomah Center 7688 SW Capitol Hwy at 31st.