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PPS 2025 Survey

The Growth, Values and Equity Survey, called Portland Public Schools 2025, began April 1.  It is scheduled to end May 8.  It is open to all people living in Portland Public Schools boundaries or working in the area.  For more, go to our website and click on the Enrollment and Boundary Review link at the left side of the screen.

Baseline information on technology in SWNI-area schools

Principals at all 11 public schools in the SWNI area are being interviewed about the technology resources in their schools.  We will also interview principals of a sample of private schools in the area for comparison.  Results of our review should be coming out in May.  We still need to raise $560 more to make up for the short-funding of our small grant application for the Techquity event in the Fall.

Opting Out – Smarter?

As controversy continues about the use of “high stakes tests,” several families in Portland have opted out of taking the new Smarter Balanced tests that replaced the old end-of-year tests.  In at least 5 PPS schools, over 25% of the students have opted out.  Under rules from the US Dept of Ed, if too many (over 5%) of students don’t take the test or an acceptable alternative the school gets downgraded.  For this first year, however, the actual consequences aren’t clear.  Regardless of the technical issues, there is great concern about over-emphasis on testing that leads to narrowing curriculum and broadening disillusionment with the test.

Successful Schools Survey

Survey ended March 6, with  no results as of our mid-April press time. We will post findings on our web page and in email bulletins as we get them.
Last Meeting of the School YearThursday, May 21, 2015, 7 to 9 PM at Room 4, Multnomah Center 7688 SW Capitol Hwy at 31st.