School News

Local Option Levy renewal passes
The local option levy Measure 26-161 that the SWNI Board endorsed passed overwhelmingly, so our Portland Public Schools will be able to hire 40 more teachers next year. The Parks bond passed, too. Thanks to the voters for supporting our schools and parks.
SWNI has traditionally not taken stands on ballot measures, but occasionally there are measures that impact the livability of our neighborhoods so much that we have to take a position. Still, we should do so only after careful consideration, and only when the position supports our mission.

Committee DiscussesEnrollment and Transfer Policy
The Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollments and Transfers, or SACET, has released its report, available at Among the more controversial recommendations is to cut out transfers among neighborhood schools. If this is approved, then SWNI-area school enrollments would change, in some cases dramatically. Markham School enrollment would rise by about 20%, the neighborhood students who have transferred out to other neighborhood schools. Stephenson would lose about 10% of its current enrollment, or student who transferred into Stephenson but live in other neighborhoods. You can track SACET meetings on their website -
Boundary review is not reaching SWNI this year, but will focus on 6 schools in other areas of the city. For the PSU preliminary report and other information on the process, go to the Portland Public Schools Boundary Review website
As we get more information on the process, we’ll send out bulletins to our contact list and on the SWNI Schools website.

More Info Online
Go to the SWNI Schools website and click on the topics above.

Happy Holidays – See You in 2015
There is no schools committee meeting in December. Holidays are especially magical for young people, so take the time off to visit a school, chat with a student, talk with your neighbors, and find out what you learn. Drop us a line, and we’ll feature it in our January newsletter.

More Info Online
Go to the SWNI Schools website and click on the topics above. This year is going to be jumping, and now’s the time to get informed.

Next meeting: Thursday, January 15, 2015, 7 to 9 PM at Room 4, Multnomah Center 7688 SW Capitol Hwy at 31st.