School News

Last updated 1/20/16

School Boundary – Major Changes in SWNI-area Schools

DBRAC (District Boundary Review Advisory Committee) will give Superintendent Smith their recommendations and she will give the School Board her proposed changes at their Monday, Jan. 25 meeting.  Not sure what will come down in SW Portland, but here’s a crystal ball view:  The Odyssey program will move from Hayhurst to the old East Sylvan building, relieving overcrowding at Hayhurst and giving Odyssey their own space. Maplewood students will go to Jackson, not Gray, freeing up space at Gray for students from redrawn Hayhurst and Rieke boundaries.  In addition, major changes to other SW Portland schools were recommended, which were being hotly discussed in January.  I predict that most of these will, in fact, stay in place, but some may be delayed until 2017-18. 

Click here for maps of the proposed changes, or go to the PPS Boundary Review page for more info.


Techquity Project New Grant Proposal

Equity in tech access continues to be a major issue for our schools, so we are continuing that focus in 2016.  TechConnect was popular, but it didn’t reach a lot of families with students below the Digital Divide.  Therefore, we applied for a 2016 ONI Small Grant to fund activities focused specifically on those families.  The new project is less ambitious than TechConnect, which took a tremendous amount of work for a small group like ours.  The exact nature of the activities will be determined after consultation with affected families and partners like the SUN programs and Stephens Creek Crossing, and will be at the libraries and community centers which don’t charge use-of-building fees, to keep the project affordable.  This project, like TechConnect, relies heavily on partner organizations.  All the partners we requested signed up willingly, even enthusiastically, to continue the Techquity project.

As of press time, we don’t know if we got the grant, or how much we will get, but som sort of activities will continue beyond the grant deadline of January 31, regardless of whether we get funded. Visit for pictures and other materials from TechConnect and the latest on Techquity.


Next meeting:  Thursday, March 17, 2016 – 7 to 9 PM – MAC Room 4.