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Bridlemile Neighborhood Association


New Bylaws were voted on, approved and adopted on Sept 9th, 2015

There are some major points we want to highlight that represent some significant changes from our previous bylaws:

  • In the Board of Directors section, two major changes exist, the number of directors is between three and 11 (no more at-large/chair positions) and the term of office will increase to two years with the terms being staggered so only half of the board is up for election each year - all current terms will still expire in May 2016.

  • There will be officers. Positions exist for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Neighborhood Coalition (SWNI) Delegate. They are one year terms and elected by the board.

  • We are no longer using Robert's Rules of Order.

  • Our grievance process is more complete and matches the requirements by ONI.

  • There is a two week waiting period for people to become members and they must consent (will be done with a check box on the sign in sheet). This is to prevent people who were not otherwise involved from only showing up to the annual meeting and forcing through a slate of candidates for the board - people can always choose to do that but this requirement at least makes it a more involved process as two meetings would have to be attended in a 12 month span.

  • BNA members will only have an advisory role in most votes (except board elections, bylaw amendments, dissolution or merger). Business of BNA will be conducted by the board, which must act in the best interest of BNA but is not bound to act based on what members want at a particular meeting. (This is due to insurance requirements and is now standard for neighborhoods in Portland.)


See the new bylaws here: BNA Bylaws 2015.


Read more about Portland Parks & Recreation Movies in the Park 2015 at:

SW Hamilton Roadside Swales

Portland Bureau of Environmental Services is designing improvements to about 920 feet of ditches along SW Hamilton Street between SW 45th and SW 47th avenues.  Visit their website for information about tree trimming and removal, right-of-way markings, construction schedule and traffic controls and who to contact:​


Want Safer Streets In Bridlemile?

Bridlemile streets are unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists! Hazards include high vehicle speed, congestion, unsafe crossings, Tri-Met stops and visibility issues; lack of pedestrian or bike paths.

Now is your chance to make a difference. Go to and make your comments.


We're Responding!

  • Hamilton Park Movie Night

  • Better pedestrian safety at Bridlemile School and BH Highway at SW 62

  • Hamilton Park tennis courts resurfaced

  • Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) improved

  • Stopped erosion in Albert Kelly Park

  • National Night Out picnic and celebration

  • Stopped Hamilton Park climbing sculpture from deterioration

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers past and present; your generous contributions of time and knowledge help make Bridlemile the wonderful neighborhood we all enjoy!

Neighbors working with neighbors and the City to build an even more livable Portland. Montage of BNA projects. Photos by Victor von Salza and Mike Kortenhof(2nd from left).

SW39th StoplightSafe Routes to SchoolsSW 54th Place Pedestrian BridgePedestrian Improvements for SW Hamilton (Halo LID) & SW Shattuck