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Pedestrian Bridge between SW 54th Place and SW 55th Dr

The pedestrian bridge that spans the creek between SW 54th Place and SW 55th Drive has been slowly deteriorating and recently lost some more of its walk surface making it more dangerous than ever. Photo of bridge looking north. Photo by Victor von SalzaLooking north across the bridge. Recent June 2007 hole in Bridge, which has subsequently been temporarily repaired. Photo by Victor von SalzaRecent June 2007 hole in Bridge, which has subsequently been temporarily repaired. Note deteriorating state of support beams. Also the steep approach from the north side of the bridge is often very muddy even into June... Photo muddy northern approach taken June 14, 2007. Photo by Victor von SalzaThe muddy northern approach; photo taken June 14, 2007. Neighbor Andy Anderson has talked with neighbors and Don Baack of SW Trails and will be talking with the City to find out the opportunities to replace the bridge and to improve/dryout the approaches. What Andy learns will be posted here: 9-4-2007 I have two different people that I'm trying to get to come take a look at the bridge and give some planning and cost estimates. All of the landscape contractors are extremely busy right now as they try and finish with the last weeks of nice weather. 9-28-2007 have my first bid back on replacement of the bridge. I should have a second by the end of next week. I'll contact you when I have the second bid. 10-26-2007 Now have three bids for replacing the bridge and they range from $14,000 to $23,000; one bid said the materials alone would be $5500. I will talk with Don Baack and Leonard Gard about how to go forward, whether we should try to raise money for the whole replacement, or just materials and organizing a bridge committee and events to do the building and assembly... If you are interested in seeing the bridge replaced and would be willing to possibly help in researching opportunities and or working on a replacement bridge please join the Friends of the SW 54th Pedestrian Bridge email list.
FAQ: Q: What are some of the replacement options? A: TBD But options possibly include: City replacing the Bridge, volunteers (Eagle Scout, neighbors, school group, some mix, etc.) build and install new bridge similar to the pedestrian bridge in Albert Kelly Park using grant money, etc. Q: Who made the current bridge? A: Greg Rassmussen and Robert Rosenbaum who helped build the original bridge say that was done as a neighborhood project. Q: Is the bridge on private property? A: The pathways to the bridge (and a pathway from the bridge north to Thomas park) and the area where the bridge is are all dedicated to the public. They are effectively public rights-of-way, just like a street. - Leonard Gard SWNI Aug/07 Greentrees development map showing dedicated walkways.Greentrees development map showing dedicated walkways. From same page as above, dedication language, including walkways.From same page as above, dedication language, including walkways. Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the pathways/bridge? A: From a legal standpoint, I think the property owners abutting the walkways have an obligation to maintain them. But the public also can go in and do repairs and maintenance. - Leonard Gard SWNI Aug/07
This page updated on 10-26-2007. Unless noted otherwise, all photos by Victor von Salza.