Pedestrian Improvements for Hamilton (Halo LID) & Shattuck

Pedestrian Improvements for Hamilton (Halo LID) & Shattuck have been among the most often asked about and requested improvements in Bridlemile. The major impediment has always been funding. If you're looking for the SW Hamilton Halo LID pilot project page, this is it! And its also about pedestrian improvements that meet ADA standards, and bicycle improvements too.

Hamilton Street Improvements: What Next?

Based on feedback from the Open House and May Bridlemile Neighborhood Association meeting, there are many opportunities for going forward with one or more types of improvements or doing nothing at all. For anything to happen, interested neighbors must step forward and work together. And there are both tools and help available for those interested in wanting to make some type of improvements.

What next for SW Hamilton. Photos by Victor von Salza

Before and After neighbor cleared plants from outside the fog line. How should we make SW Hamilton safer for pedestrians and cyclists? Click here to see and read about more possible solutions, and add your suggestions.

Types of Opportunities:

  • Halo LID - The proposal presented at the Open House is just a proposal. A number of people asked/suggested that improvements only be done on one side, that different design types of pathways be used along some stretches, that the Halo LID boundaries needed some adjustment, that the scope of the project be changed, etc. PDOT could be available to modify the proposal, to generate new cost estimates, and to modify Halo LID boundary and proposed assessment methodology. Depending on feedback from the neighborhood, PDOT could then send out petitions to those in a final Halo LID area and, if there is sufficient support, go forward.
  • Abutting neighbors could decide to make more modest improvements under either a traditional LID or Halo LID or on their own, e.g , to create a more informal path that is more removed from the road— something like the Montessori school has done along Shattuck.
  • Some neighbors asked about improving bus service, and neighbors working together could make a case and petition for that.
  • Some neighbors have suggested letting BES do their planned/funded ditches to swale conversion first and then seeing what additional improvements people wanted.
  • Some neighbors had suggested getting signs posted that say watch for pedestrians and bicyclists and that the street be closed to commercial thru traffic, and neighbors could work together to see that that happens.
  • Some neighbors want annual cleanups to keep the existing pavement clean and free of vegetation. Although it is abutting homeower's responsibility to do so, their permission is not required, and having annual cleanups can make this easier for homeowner and neighborhood volunteers alike.
  • Many other suggestions...

Tools and Help:

  • Hamilton and Shattuck Pedestrian Improvement email subscription list, Bridlemile website, and SWNI Newspaper can be used to find and organize like-minded neighbors.
  • SWNI Newspaper and SWNI Staff are available for promoting plans and ideas through use of the SWNI newspaper, flyers, and more.
  •  Bridlemile Neighborhood Meetings can be used for meetings to present and get input.
  •  Victor/SWNI Staff can show interested people how to add to the website (easy to use form-driven system), set up email subscription lists, and use forums and other tools available on the SWNI server. And/or the Bridlemile web site can have links to Blogs and web pages created using other tools hosted elsewhere.

Who will take this forward?

Bev, Victor, and the Halo LID core team worked a good part of the past year to give Bridlemile neighbors the opportunity to be one of the City's Halo LID pilot projects as one way to make some of the pedestrian and bicycle improvements they have been asking for over the past decade. But going forward with the Halo LID or any other opportunities listed above depends on interested neighbors coming together and taking those opportunities forward. If you are interested in working on any of the above, please contact the neighborhood association to explore your ideas and find like-minded neighbors to help make it happen. See also the Frequently Asked Questions page

Get and stay informed, and participate:


What about SW Shattuck?

In the near term is the Bureau of Environmental Services Ditches to Swales program, which has identified and put SW Shattuck, SW Hamilton, and SW Dosch on the top of their project list. E.g. if the ditch along the west side of SW Shattuck were converted to a walkable swale, there would be a walkable surface 2-3 feet wide along most of the length of SW Shattuck! BES is holding off on SW Hamilton in order to coordinate with the SW Hamilton Halo LID project. Read more about Ditches to Swales on the Bridlemile Ditches to Swales page.

Street Cleaning

In addition to working on an improvement plan, there's 6-36" of already existing pavement available now! And during September and October 2007, PDOT, homeowners, and volunteer work parties cleaned the dirt and vegetation off of it:

Before and After - PDOT beautifully cleaned this stretch looking toward SW 60th. Photos by Victor von Salza
Before and After - PDOT beautifully cleaned this stretch looking toward SW 60th.

Before and After - Volunteers cleaned this section looking West from SW39th. Photos by Victor von Salza
Before and After - Volunteers cleaned this section looking West from SW 39th.

More Before and After photos, by homeowners volunteers and PDOT are on the Cleaned Sections page. But Fall leaves and Winter storms have covered some of the cleaned areas with leaves and needles again. To report overgrown vegetation in the public right of way or overgrown brush or vegetation on private property, call the the City of Portland at 503.823.4000.

All photos by Victor von Salza.