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Collins View Neighborhood Association





Collins View is one of 17 neighborhood associations in southwest Portland, Oregon belonging to the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. coalition. See boundary map at:



  • Enhance neighborhood livability.
  • Provide an open process that enables all members of the neighborhood to become involved in the affairs of the neighborhood.
  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication with other organizations, such as SWNI and other neighborhood associations, as well as, with various city and regional government agencies.
  • Perform all of the activities related to said purposes as well as have and enjoy all of the powers granted and engage in any lawful activity for which corporations may be organized under ORS Chapter 65.
  • Be organized exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes only. Notwithstanding any aforementioned statement of purposes or powers, this association shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activity or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of its specific and primary purposes.



Visit the Collins View website:



View the Collins View Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Standards for Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, Business District Associations, And the Office of Neighborhood Involvement


Board of Directors

  • Chair: Jim Diamond,

    The Chair shall:
    • prepare the agenda for meetings;
    • write the "Southwest Neighborhood News" column;
    • write the annual action plan and submit it to SWNI;
    • preside at all meetings of the board and membership; and
    • appoint members to fill vacant board positions and open committee assignments subject to majority approval of the Board, except for members of the Grievance Committee.
  • Vice Chair: (open)

    The Vice Chair shall:
    • assist the Chair;
    • assume the responsibilities of the Chair in the event of the Chair's absence or inability to perform his/her duties; and
    • assume responsibility for addressing governance issues on behalf of the CVNA, including future revisions of the Bylaws.
  • Secretary: Maryellen Read

    The Secretary shall:
    • keep minutes and written records of majority and minority opinions expressed at all meetings;
    • handle all correspondence of CVNA; and
    • make records of CVNA available for inspection for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.
  • Treasurer: Jim VanDomelen

    The Treasurer shall:
    • receive and disburse CVNA funds;
    • open and maintain a bank account on behalf of CVNA;
    • submit a written reconciliation to the Board at each Annual Meeting; and
    • complete any financial disclosure as required by various government entities. Any disbursement in excess of $99.00, however, shall require the signatures of both the Chair and the Treasurer.
  • SWNI Liaison: Fran Laird

    The SWNI Liaison shall:
    • attend district coalition board meetings;
    • represent CVNA issues on that board; and
    • advise the CVNA board of SWNI issues and activities.
  • Committee Chairs:

    • Environment:       Jim Diamond
    • Land Use:            Dave & Dixie Johnston
    • Outreach:             Davis Parchment
    • Parks:                   Fran Laird
    • Public Safety:       Gene Lynard
    • Transportation:     Cheri Ann Richards
    Committee chairs shall:
    • inform the Board and CVNA of all activities of their respective committees;
    • make recommendations to the Board when official action is required; and
    • notify SWNI of scheduled committee meetings.
  • Neighborhood Delegates: (open)

    Neighborhood delegates (''Delegates") have two primary responsibilities:
    • to solicit concerns from the neighborhood and bring them to the Board for consideration; and
    • to assist in the dissemination of information from the Board back to the neighborhood.



Email Chair: Jim Diamond,

Mailing address Collins View Neighborhood Association c/o Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Office Phone: (503) 823-4592