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Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Committees

The Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) board may establish no more than five standing and any number of special committees, as it deems necessary. The board has established Standing Committee Rules that set forth the responsibilities and authorities of the standing committees.

Committees shall be responsible for implementing their adopted action plan. Committee recommendations and decisions must be presented in a timely manner and ratified by a majority of the SWNI Board. Each committee is permitted to take autonomous action if it acts in conformity with criteria previously approved by the SWNI Board.

Any person may serve on a SWNI standing committee. However, only one authorized representative from each ONI recognized Neighborhood and Business Association within the boundaries of SWNI is eligible to have his/her vote recorded. The SWNI Board may approve additional committee voting members by request from the committee.

Standing Committees:

Standing Committee Rules (approved May 27, 2009)


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Operational Committees: