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How can one create Upcoming/Past Events pages/links?

I'm wanting to create an Upcoming Bridlemile Events page OR more accurately a link that will generate such a page... Using the Calendar on the main page I've discovered that the link will do very close to what I want, but it will only work for Feb this year... How or can I generalize this link so that it: • shows all future Bridlemile events for the current month, not just the remaining events for Feb? • shows all future Bridlemile events for the current year? • shows a list of a particular (2006, 2005, etc) past years events? I've tried using the Category Browser, but it doesn't display matches in chronological order, and it appears that it can only match "Topics" not create a list of consisting of just "Events".


Offhand, i don’t know the answer. And i know that you’re not the only one who would like to know how to do this. This is one of those issues which also falls into the category of “waiting for Drupal 5.0.” From the reading i’ve done about 5.0, we may have a way to better isolate sub-sites. If that is so, we may not even need to solve this problem. I am anxious to get 5.0 on-line, in part because of the vastly improved admin system, but want to get Mailman up and running first. Then i have to upgrade our PHP installation before we can migrate to 5.0. All this may take a few weeks, given my current workload. If you don’t want to wait, you might peruse the Drupal Handbook. (If you find out how to solve this, please post back here.)