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Land Use Committee

Campus Institutional Zoning Update Project
Comment deadline September 14th

The Public Discussion Draft of the Campus Institutional Zoning Update Project is now available for review on the project website. This document contains proposed zoning code text that will implement the concepts presented in the project Concept Report published in April of this year.
Since April, staff has been working to craft zoning code language that creates two Campus Institution base zones and establishes a mechanism for related transportation impact analysis and demand management review.

The document presented here represents approximately an 80% draft of the zoning code language that will be presented to the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Comments on this Discussion Draft are requested by September 14th and will be incorporated into a subsequent Proposed Draft that will be presented to the Planning and Sustainability Commission in October and November 2015. 

Please submit comments directly to John Cole|, Senior Planner, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability,, 503.823.3475. John is also available to meet with individuals and organizations to review the proposed code language (and maps) in detail and consider revisions to better implement the ideas contained within the April Concept Report. Hard copies of the discussion draft report are available upon request.


Southwest Corridor leaders drop Marquam Hill/Hillsdale tunnels, leave door open on Sylvania option


Discussion Draft released for Employment Zoning Project
Comment deadline August 28th

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) released the Discussion Draft of the Employment Zoning Project.  The draft is available here
This early implementation project of the draft 2035 Comprehensive Plan will implement new directions on land use and land efficiency in Portland’s Industrial and Mixed Employment areas.  Examples of the proposed Zoning Code changes include limitations on non-industrial uses to improve land efficiency in a new Prime Industrial overlay zone, new compatibility limitations on outdoor uses in the EG1 General Employment zones, and new development standards for ecologically beneficial design in future industrial zones at airport area golf courses.  Zoning Map changes are also proposed at new Mixed Employment areas designated on the draft Comprehensive Plan Map.
The Discussion Draft is a roughly 80-percent draft of the project proposals. If you have comments or questions about the Discussion Draft, please submit them by Friday, August 28, 2015 to:
Steve Kountz
Senior Economic Planner 
Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Write:   City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Attn:  Steve Kountz, 
1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100, Portland, OR 97201 or
 Phone: 503-823-4551
Based on Discussion Draft feedback, BPS will publish a Proposed Draft in September for Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) consideration. The PSC is scheduled to hold a public hearing on October 27, 2015, when Portlanders will be invited to submit public testimony on the Proposed Draft.


Citywide Tree Project: Portland's new Tree Code

Portland's new Tree Code was adopted by City Council in 2011 in response to community concern. Southwest Portland residents led the charge in convincing the City Council in 2007 to fund the development of a stronger, clearer, set of rules to protect and enhance Portland's tree canopy. Stakeholders and city bureaus participated throughout the project, and the final package had support from an unusually diverse mix, including neighborhoods, Audubon, and the Homebuilders Association. It provides basic, common-sense safeguards for trees in our city and replaces current rules which are confusing, unfair and inadequate to support tree canopy goals.


SW Development Review

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Notices, Hearings, Decisions...

Review public notices and agendas for land use reviews, hearings, pre-application conferences and other public meetings at the City of Portland, Development Services website:



Portland Comprehensive Plan

The Portland Comprehensive Plan is a generalized, coordinated land use map and policy statement of Portland that interrelates all functional and natural systems and activities relating to the use of lands, including but not limited to sewer and water systems, transportation systems, educational facilities, recreational facilities, and natural resources and air and water quality management programs. Read more at


Portland Design Commission

STATE OF THE CITY DESIGN REPORT 2012, Portalnd Design Commission, April 25, 2012



Southwest Corridor Plan

Find out about the comprehensive planning effort to create livable and sustainable communities along the corridor between Portland, Tigard and Sherwood through integrated community investments in land use and transportation.


Barbur Concept Plan

The Barbur Concept Plan will create a long-term vision for the six-mile Barbur Boulevard corridor, from Portland’s Central City to the Tigard city limit.
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Southwest Community Plan



The Portland Plan

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