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Markham Neighborhood Association

Next Markham Neighborhood (MKNA) Meeting


Tuesday, March 10, 2015


7:00 - 8:30 pm


Jackson Middle School, Library #D165


10625 SW 35th Avenue (map)

(just south of the intersection of SW Huber Street & SW 35th Avenue)



7:00 MKNA call to order Donna Herron, President
  • Recognition of special guests\dignitaries & member introductions
  • Agenda approval
  • Meeting Minutes of February 10, 2015
Police Visit Update / Neighborhood Concerns & Questions
Committee & Net Team Reports:
  • Schools: Scott Mcclain
  • Transportation: Jeff Monaghan
  • Parks & Community Centers: (vacant)
  • Land Use: John Gibbon
  • Public Safety & NET: Ron Magnus
Unfinished Business:
  • Nomination and vote for:
    • Treasurer
    • Schools Committee Chairperson
    • Parks & Community Centers Chair
    • Bylaws & Action Plan Committee Chair
  • Small Grant Application to SWNI - update
  • PBOT letter RE: Indian Hills problematic intersections - update
  • MKNA Bylaws and Action Plan (if time allows)
New Business:
  • Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) August 4th water tower picnic at Marigold Hydro Park - committee formed
  • To request an item be placed on the agenda, contact Donna Herron at

8:00 (approx. time)    Emergency Preparedness Presentation (EPP) : "Basic Emergency First Aid After A Disaster" Kathleen Elliott, Red Cross Volunteer\Presenter

8:30 Announcements and suggestions for the good of Markham & Adjourn
  • Next meeting April 14th @ Jackson Middle School – Community Room #D121
  • BES Open House for "19th & taylors Ferry Green Street Project"  Wednesday, April 22nd, Multnomah Art Center, Room 29, 7688 SW Capitol Highway
REMINDERS – If you haven’t already, please visit the websites (below) to signup for neighborhood updates.

Everyone is welcome to attend Markham Neighborhood meetings regarless of where they reside.


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  • Donna Herron, President (503) 452-0000
  • Kim Herron, Vice President
  • Jeff Monaghan, Transportation Chairperson and Secretary Pro-Tem
  • Marie Young, Secretary (on temporary leave of absence)
  • Nancy Murray, Parks and Community Centers Chairperson
  • Amanda Garcia- Snell, Bylaws & Action Plan Committee Chairperson