Neighborhood associations in southwest Portland

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) receives funding from the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement to provide support and technical assistance to recognized neighborhood associations located in southwest Portland. A delegate from each of the independent, all-volunteer neighborhood associations serves on the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Board of Directors.

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Neighborhood Association President(s) Email address
Arnold Creek Grethe Larson &
Debbie Griffin
Ashcreek Jerry Rundorff
Bridlemile David Stein
Collins View Elise Delisser
Crestwood Tony Hansen
Far Southwest Teddy Okonokhua
Hayhurst Janet Hawkins
Hillsdale Robert Hamilton
Homestead Ed Fischer
Maplewood Ron Burian
Markham Donna Herron
Marshall Park Mike Charles
Multnomah Martie Sucec
South Burlingame Robert Lennox
South Portland Len Michon
Southwest Hills Nancy Seton &
John Neumann
West Portland Park Ryan Blum

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Newsletters include neighborhood association meeting announcements, updates on planned activities impacting neighborhood livability and invitations to neighborhood events. Sign up using the link below and select your neighborhood. Unsubscribe using the link found at the bottom of every newsletter.


PSU Neighborhood Pulse Website

Created by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University, Neighborhood Pulse provides information about the Portland region’s neighborhoods: how they are changing, who lives there, and the issues of interest to the region’s leaders and residents. 

2010 Census Data for Portland Neighborhoods


Neighborhood associations are volunteer-run non-profit organizations and welcome community members wanting to get involved. Attend a neighborhood association meeting and share your skills and interests. All meetings are posted on the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend.