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Neighborhood Pages

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) is a coalition of the following 17 neighborhoods in southwest Portland. Each neighborhood selects representatives to serve on our board and committees. We provide support services to these neighborhoods, taking direction from the SWNI board and committees, to accomplish our mission of empowering citizen action to improve and maintain the livability of Southwest neighborhoods.


Links to Neighborhood Pages & Boundary Maps

Arnold Creek (MAP)
Ashcreek (MAP)
Bridlemile (MAP)
Collins View (MAP)
Crestwood (MAP)
Far Southwest (MAP)
Hayhurst (MAP)
Hillsdale (MAP)
Homestead (MAP)
Maplewood (MAP)
Markham (MAP)
Marshall Park (MAP)
Multnomah (MAP)
South Burlingame (MAP)
South Portland (MAP)
SW Hills Residential League (MAP)
West Portland Park (MAP)

What neighborhood do I belong to?

Check to find out what neighborhood you belong to. After entering your address, your neighborhood name is displayed on the top-left, just under the PortlandMaps logo, along with your address.
Find your neighborhood on the Southwest Neighborhoods coalition map.
Neighborhood maps can be found on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement website:

Neighborhood contact lists

SWNI provides use of our Constant Contact e-mail tool to each neighborhood, allowing a secure self-subscribing and unsubscribing option to neighbors wanting to be included in their neighborhood list. Each neighborhood uses their list of contacts to send out event announcements, crime alerts and other neighborhood news. When you sign up using the link below, select your neighborhood and any other list you want to be included on. If you want to be removed from a list, you can unsubscribe using the same link below.

Nieghborhood Pulse Website

Neighborhood Pulse provides information about the Portland region’s neighborhoods: how they are changing, who lives there, and the issues of interest to the region’s leaders and residents. 

Neighborhood Pulse includes three components: 

  • Neighborhood Profiles, which provide information about people and housing in each of Portland and Beaverton’s neighborhoods;
  • Greater Portland 21, which provides a stories about how our region and its neighborhoods are is changing; and
  • Neighborhood Pulse Map Viewer, which provides taxlot-level maps related to specific issues of interest to neighborhoods and advocacy groups.

2010 Census Data for Portland Neighborhoods


Your neighborhood association is always looking for community members to get involved. There are many ways you can become active in the neighborhood system, from volunteering at a neighborhood tree-planting event to holding a board position. Everyone has a unique talent and perspective that can contribute to a vibrant, healthy and diverse community-based organization. Get involved today by attending a neighborhood meeting, contacting your neighborhood chairperson or stop by the SWNI office and talk with our staff.