School News

  • Wilson Principal Brian Chatard at SWNI Schools Committee May 15 meeting
    He wasn't able to make it to our March meeting, but he is coming on May 15 to discuss changes at Wilson and the connection between the school and neighborhoods.  Meeting is open to all, so come with your questions and comments for him.

  • Next Year Looking Better in Schools
    The 2014-15 school year looks to be a year of positive changes and plans for more changes.  The Common Core State Standards are being rolled out in every school, with the new Balanced Assessment testing becoming standard.  Enrollment balancing – school boundary changes and closures – will be reviewed in a series of community meetings and school district discussions.  Because of increased funding, new teachers and revised schedules, student/teacher ratios should be slightly better and the time spent in school should be increasing a bit.

    Fall Forum on Technology In Schools
    What are Portland’s plans for integrating online technology in programs for our local schools?  The committee is planning to hold a forum in the Fall on use of technology in our schools.  Location will be at a middle school.  More later in the year.

    Wilson Students to Help Spring Cleanup
    The SWNI/Wilson Community Engagement Project supports greater student engagement with neighborhoods.  Wilson student leaders will be helping in our May 10 Spring cleanup, and are available for other neighborhood projects as well.  To reserve student time, call or email Will Fuller at the contact points listed above.

    State of SWNI Schools:  Take 2
    At our March 20 meeting, we scheduled Wilson Principal Brian Chatard as our guest to talk about the changes this year at Wilson to build enrollment and Wilson pride.  He was unable to attend, however, so he rescheduled for our May 15 meeting.  Wilson affects all neighborhoods except SWHRL, so it’s a central education facility for SWNI families.  He can also review changes in Portland Public School contracts, enrollment balancing and any other topics of interest to our neighbors.

    Enrollment Balancing – Process Delayed
    This process was delayed because of time spent on teacher contract negotiations.  There were supposed to be a series of community meetings on enrollment balancing, preparing for next Fall’s intensive look at current enrollments, building capacity and program needs, but there’s no schedule yet for these.  This process is important to SWNI because everything is on the table for discussion.  Portland State is working with Portland Public Schools, with an initial assessment that should be out early this month.  Public announcements and a schedule should follow shortly after that.  For more information, go to and click on the Enrollment Balancing link on the left side of the screen.

    Next meetingThursday, May 15, 2014, 7 to 9 PM at Room 4, Multnomah Center 7688 SW Capitol Hwy at 31st.  LAST MEETING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR