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SWNI Public Safety (PSC) meetings are open to the public and individuals are welcome to share concerns and ask questions related to safety and livability in SW Portland. The SWNI Public Safety Committee (PSC) meets on the first Thursday of each month 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Multnomah Arts Center, Room 30, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy.  Confirm scheduled meetings on the Southwest Neighborhoods calendar.  


June 1, 2017:  "2 Weeks Ready" Emergency Preparedness presentation by Stan Houseman.  This presentation will step up the prior meeting presentations that covered things you can do to get ready for a disaster.  Now we'll take it to the next level by getting you ready to not only be prepared and surviving but surviving at least 2 weeks which is estimated to be the earliest Portland Bureau of Emergency Management expects core services to become available.  Agenda  The public is welcome to join us!

June 10, 2017: NET and Portland Fire Bureau Station #18, Search & Rescue exercise at Habitat for Humanity property (old United Methodist Church) 2401 SW Taylors Ferry Road co-hosted by and registration open for Markham with Ashcreek, Crestwood, Maplewood & Multnomah Neighborhood NETs.  Registration open to other SW Neighborhood NETs after May 28th.  Maximum participants is 40 for June 10th.  Dates for additional exercises will post after this exercise is done. 

June 14, 2017:  "BEECN" (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes) training  (please sign up if you plan to be there!):  Learn more at Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) BEECN web page at  This training will explain how the BEECNs will be used by neighborhoods to communicate information about damage, injuries and other emergency information to the Emergency Communications Center during a disaster to be able to get help and resources.   The Public, especially NETs are welcome to join us! 

June 20, 2017: NET Basic Training:  Tuesday evenings 6-9 PM in Hillsdale. 

June 22, 2017: “Oregon Resilience Plan, Lessons for SW Portland” guest speaker Jay Raskin. Multnomah Arts Center, Auditorium 7PM

July 9, 2017: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" Movie in the Park event co-hosted with Markham Neighborhood on the Jackson Middle School sports field at 10625 SW 35th Avenue (1 block south of SW Huber & 35th Ave intersection).  Visit Markham Neighborhood website for more information.


Do you know what to do in the event of a disaster? Learn what you should have on hand, what you should do and how to survive by attending your local Neighborhood Emergency Team NET meeting and taking the NET class offered for free by Portland Bureau of Emergency Management\FEMA (PBEM) by contacting Jeremy VanKeuren, Program Manager.  Although PBEM maintains a list of NETs for all Portland's 95 Neighborhood Associations, below is meeting and contact information for the 17 SW Portland neighborhoods that are part of the SWNI Coalition:

SWNI NEIGHBORHOOD NETs (Alphabetical):  (Please check often for updates.): Complete list of Portland's NETs are on PBEM's website.

Current Public Safety Committee Projects:

  • Emergency Preparedness awareness and training
  • PBOT Vision Zero "Slow Down" Paint the neighborhoods ORANGE campaign
  • Portland Police Bureau's WomenStrength class
  • CPR\AED class
  • Advocacy for stronger Seismic Building and Zoning Codes

Vision Zero sign with children & pedestrians

Paint our neighborhoods with bright orange PBOT's Vision Zero signs. During the next few months while our neighborhood children are walking to school in poor visibility and dark conditions; wear brightly colored and reflective clothing as well as get "Slow Down" signs to remind drivers to drive slow and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Download the "I Share The Road" document at the bottom of this page or click on this link to read more:  Neighborhood Vision  Zero signs or visit  PBOT's website to learn more about the City of Portland's Vision Zero effort, please visit:



Pedestrians in dark without bright & reflective clothingPedestrians wearing reflective and brightly colored clothing

What is the difference between brightly colored and reflective clothing and not?   

As you can see, the gentlemen pictured on the left would probably be hit by a vehicle driving at night or in the rain or fog.  They are much more visible in the photo to the right.  

A distracted drivers are drivers that:

  • Actively use cell phones and other electronic devices 
  • Tuning radio\stereo
  • Putting on makeup
  • Dealing with passengers that take their eyes off the road


It only takes a second to not be seen.  Help drivers see you and avoid you on the road. 












The difference between not wearing or wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing plus carrying flashlights may save your life.  


May 4th, 2017: "Home Safety Audit"  Identify Things You Can Do to Remove Hazards & Improve Safety Around Home 

April 6th, 2017: "Map Your Neighborhood"

March 2nd, 2017:

February 2, 2017:  Meeting Cancelled due to Winter Storm

January 5, 2017:

View meeting video on YouTube at this address:    (copy and paste in your browser) Be sure to fast forward to about 15  minutes into the meeting where Stan's presentation will start.

At our January 5th meeting , Stan Houseman presented the full Emergency Preparedness Presentation based on the "Take 5 to Survive" booklet (click on the link to view the booklet).  To view the specific pages that were covered during this presentation, see the list of meeting  materials below.

Take 5 to Survive logo

   "Take 5 To Survive" video  (click on link) Emergency Preparedness Presentation by Stan Houseman

Take 5 To Survive Presentation Materials:

Additional Take 5 To Survive Documents (Optional):

Stan presented an abbreviated version of this presentation on October 4th, 2016 which we videotaped and posted here: Video of Stan Houseman's full Take 5 to Survive Emergency Preparedness presentation on October 4th, 2016.

December 1, 2016:

  • November 3, 2016 SWNI Public Safety Committee Minutes
  • Video of Sheriff Reese and Commander Davis at Public Safety Committee meeting

October 6, 2016:

September 1, 2016:

August 4, 2016:

July 7, 2016: 

June 2, 2016: 


About the SWNI Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee supports community partnerships to prevent crime, alleviate the fear of crime in the community, and promote emergency preparedness in the community. More specifically, the committee:

  • Increases community policing and livability by encouraging the formation of Neighborhood Watches.

  • Focuses on neighborhood priority issues such as car prowls, car theft, identity theft, and burglary.

  • Works with the Southwest Crime Prevention Specialist and Neighborhood Response Team Officers to share information, address crime issues, and to problem solve.

  • Hosts community meetings to increase awareness and give residents preventive measures.

  • Educates the community about how to prepare for and survive a major disaster.

  • Creates a resilient community.


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Email or call the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc office, (503) 823-4592