Resources for member neighborhood associations

National Night Out

National Night Out is the first Tuesday in August. Park permits are free for National Night Out parties sponsored by neighborhood associations. The park reservation phone number is (503) 823-2525. NNO parties are registered through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement website:

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will assist neighborhood associations with National Night Out parties by providing:

  • assistance with design and printing of promotional materials such as flyers and postcards. A commercial printing allowance is established annually for each neighborhood association. The amount varies from year-to-year, contact our office.  
  • mailing services for an all-household neighborhood mailing. A postage allowance is established annually for each neighborhood. The amount varies from year-to-year, contact our office. We will deliver mailing pieces to the downtown Portland bulk mailing center. 
  • space in our all-household July edition of the SW News newspaper to promote National Night Out parties.
  • party supplies. Call us at (503) 823-4592 to reserve party equipment and supplies.

Block Parties

More information about block parties can be found on the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement website: Block party street closure application forms and instructions can be found on the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation website:

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. does not assist neighbors with private block parties. Use the City of Portland resources listed above.

Communication Tools

  • Electronic newsletters - Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. provides neighborhood associations with use of a shared Constant Contact email marketing account with individual neighborhood email contact lists. Contacts may self-subscribe/unsubscribe. A subscribe button can be added to a neighborhood's website. This is a one-way communication appropriate for a monthly meeting reminder and announcements.  Training on use of this tool is provided.
  • Social Media - We will help neighborhood associations establish a Facebook page and link it to Constant Contact for automatic posting of newsletters. We assist with setting up other social media such as Instagram and embedding social media posts on a neighborhood's website.
  • SW News newspaper - Each neighborhood association receives space for a monthly 300-to-500-word article, public meeting notices, photos and event announcements. The newspaper has approximately 9,000 print and 500 electronic subscribers. The July edition contains an extra 4 pages for summer event promotions and is mailed to every household in southwest Portland.
  • Printing - A commercial printing allowance is established annually for each neighborhood. The amount varies from year-to-year, contact our office.  Neighborhood associations may use the black-and-white copier at our office for meeting materials, up to 200 copies per month.
  • Domain name - Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will pay annual registration and manage a domain name for each neighborhood association. 
  • Website - A subdomain on is provided to each neighborhood association. Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. sets up forwarding to actively maintained neighborhood association websites and will manage the neighborhood subdomain if there is no volunteer webmaster.
  • Presentation tools - An overhead projector, laptop, whiteboard and audio recorder are available by reservation.
  • Map - Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will provide a large, laminated neighborhood map to each neighborhood association.
  • Neighborhood mailings - Printing and postage allowances vary from year-to-year. Contact our office.
  • Google for Nonprofits Apps - Contact the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. office for assistance:
    1. Create email accounts for your volunteers on your own branded domain (ex: through Gmail
    2. Store files in the cloud with 30GB of storage space per account across Gmail and Google Drive
    3. Collaborate in real time with colleagues on grant proposals, meeting agendas, and more through Google Docs
    4. Conduct surveys, training assessments and event sign ups through Google Forms
    5. Manage appointments and schedules in Google Calendar
    6. Monitor group discussions and distribution lists through Google Groups
    7. Hold video conference calls for up to 15 participants at a time on your desktop or mobile device; audio and screen sharing tools included
  • Mailing address and phone number - Neighborhood associations may use the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. phone number and mailing address. We hold mail in individual neighborhood mail folders for convenient pickup. We can also scan and email mail upon request.
  • Event calendars - Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will promote neighborhood association events in our newspaper calendar, on our online calendar, in our monthly e-newsletter calendar and on the City of Portland's online calendar.


Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. will help with administration of projects sponsored by neighborhood associations such as neighborhood cleanups, candidate fairs, neighborhood picnics, fundraisers for playground structures, open space parks, etc.

Please call the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. office (503) 823-4592 to reserve party equipment and supplies.

Office Support

  • Financial Srevices

  • Use of office copier for printing meeting materials
  • Records archival and scanning
  • A phone number, c/o mailing address and mail folder in the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. office
  • Reservation assistance for meeting and event space at the Multnomah Arts Center and civic use of building reservations at school meeting facilities
  • Fiscal management and reporting of neighborhood association funds


  • Patty Lee Leadership training - The Patty Lee Leadership Fund provides training opportunities where volunteers can learn to use their passion effectively for the improvement of southwest Portland neighborhoods and city government. Training topics include Roberts Rules of Order, conflict resolution, how to advocate for your neighborhood to the City of Portland, neighborhood association governance, fundraising and communications services available from southwest Neighborhoods, Inc., financial management and grants for neighborhood groups. If you have suggestions for future trainings, contact Sylvia (503) 823-4592, Here are some handouts from Patty Lee Leadership trainings:
  • Request one-on-one or group training for your neighborhood association. Let us know us what kind of training we can provide. Contact our office.

Watershed Resource Center

Technical assistance, technical reference links, tool checkout, funding, native plants, natural gardening, referrals, workshops and training programs are all available on the Watershed Restoration Resources webpage: