South Burlingame Neighborhood Association


Monday, Oct 16th .  8:30 am
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 3000
Portland, OR  97201


  • MAIL letter by Thursday, Oct. 12 for receipt by Oct. 16 to:
  • FAX letter to 503-823-4347. If you do not have access to a fax machine, please email and we will make sure your letter is submitted.
  • ATTEND THE HEARING Oct 16th at 8:30 am and give 3 minute testimony.

Information provided by SBNA and livablepdx ! Thanks!


This is more than NIMBY--5 out of the 6 City of Portland Bureaus are not in favor at this time. Click the following link to view the Staff Report: Conclusions begin on Page 38. Those not recommending currently are the:

  • Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
  • Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)
  • City of Portland Environmental Services
  • City of Portland Fire Prevention Services
  • Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry

This does not bode well for the development plan, but it does not mean that this proposal is dead. **WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO DEFEAT THIS PLAN!  THIS REPORT IS NOT A DECISION.** The review body for this case is the Hearings Officer who will make the decision on this case. Please continue writing letters if any of the issues outlined by the Bureaus concerns you and deliver them by Oct. 16.

Link to public documents:

Sample Letter:

staff report at      ( p.38 conclusions)

 livablepdx mailing repeated above and below:

Time to Act - Public Hearing for Macadam Ridge Subdivision isMonday, October 16th!



It's time to engage and take action. The City of Portland has issued the Staff Report. Five out of the six Bureaus reviewing the application are NOT IN FAVOR of the proposed development including the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), City of Portland Environmental Services, City of Portland Fire Prevention Services, and Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry. Go to Page 38 of the Staff Report for a quick read on the Conclusions.


We have employed the services of PACE Engineers, Inc. to assist us in evaluating and assessing the environmental, civil engineering, geotechnical, and traffic issues in time for the hearing.  PACE will prepare a detailed report and share their findings with the Hearings Officer on Monday.

As concerned residents, the City is seeking our comments on this proposal, and we need as much support as we can get - the evidentiary proceeding before the Hearings Officer will be the only opportunity for the parties to submit oral and written evidence in this matter. In order to be approved, this proposal must comply with the Approval Criteria of Title 33, Portland Zoning Code. The applicable approval criteria are:

  •      33.660.120 / Land Divisions in Open Space & Residential Zones
  •      33.430.250.A / Environmental Review
  •      33.430.280 / Environmental Modifications
  •      33.430.250.G / Corrections to Violations

You can help in any (or all) of these three ways:

1) Write and fax a letter to the Land Use Hearings Officer. Address any of the     above approval criteria, or you may submit your letter in person.

2) Provide 3-minute testimony at the hearing October 16th.

3)  Engage in social media--make your opinion known:

  •      Facebook --> LivablePDX page
  •      Twitter --> LivablePDX

The Hearings Officer will make a decision about this proposal within 17 daysof the close of the record.

We thank you in advance for your support!


Monday, Oct 16th
8:30 am

1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 3000
Portland, OR  97201

Land Use Review for Macadam Ridge

LU 16-213734 LDS EN M EV
PC# 15-242358
Please reference this
Case File # on all communication!


To comment, you may write a letter to the Land Use Hearings Officer, or you may provide 3 minute testimony at the hearing. Comments should address the approval criteria. Click here for a sample letter.


Address your letter to:

Land Use Hearings Officer
City of Portland
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 3100
Portland, OR  97201

Include Case File:

LU 16-213734 LDS EN M EV

PC# 15-242358

Written comments must be received by the end of the hearing Oct. 16th. Please DO NOT MAIL at this late date. Instead, bring your letter in person or FAX your letter to 503-823-4347. If you do not have access to fax or cannot attend the hearing, email your letter to:
we will make sure your letter is submitted.


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The South Burlingame NA meets on the second Thursday of the month.
The August meeting, held on the first Tuesday, is a National Night Out party in Burlingame Park. 
View the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar to confirm scheduled meetings and events.

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SBNA Board Members

Officers of the Board

  • President: Rob Lennox
  • Vice President: Jim Carlton
  • Secretary: Carol Porto
  • Treasurer: Lyn Pearson

At-large Board Members

  • John Holderness
  • Jim Leno
  • Sam Pearson
  • Scott Richmond


Where We Are Located

The South Burlingame Neighborhood of Portland Oregon is located approximately 4 miles south of downtown Portland.  It has an area of approximately 0.42 square miles and borders the Multnomah Hillsdale and South Portland Neighborhoods on the north; Riverview Abbey on the southeast;  the Collins View, Marshall Park and Marquam Neighborhoods plus an Unclaimed Area where Riverview Cemetery is located on the south.  Its geographic coordinates are 45.466 degrees North and 122.688 degrees West.

The boundaries are SW Barbur Boulevard, Miles Street, Brier Place, S½ Canby Streetm and its imaginary extension east to SW Taylors Ferry Road on the north and east; and on the south by SW Taylors Ferry Road and Spring Garden Road.  Interstate 5 bisects a narrow portion of its northerly boundaries.


How to be Involved in Your Neighborhood

South Burlingame Neighborhood Association is involved in many events. Some neighbors like to organize events like picnics and block parties. Others prefer to work around environmental issues, where neighbors participate in park cleanups and stream restorations, while other neighborhoods are involved in land use issues, carefully monitoring livability concerns. All activities make a difference and there is bound to be something that appeals to everyone, find out how you  can get involved. Please contact our Chair.