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Our next regular committee meeting is planned for Thursday, January 18, at 7 p.m. at Multnomah Art Center (MAC)  Room #4.

We send an electronic message about this meeting with our agenda a week before the meeting. Email to be added to our distribution list. See Agenda.

We are finalizing our proposal for a 2018 ONI Small Grants proposal and will submit this proposal on Friday, January 12. We are delighted to have wonderful partnership support and enthusiasm for our plans!

Here's our Final Report for our 2017 ONI Small Grant for review. No time to read the report, just check out these photos from last year. Lots of fun and learning too!


Other information for Committee Use:

Draft 2017-2018 Action Plan

SWNI Schools Open House Poster

 Questions for Principals


Links mentioned in Schools Article in March SW News:

2016 Tech Equity: Final Report

Chart for SWNI Board Meeting - January 2017

ONI Small Grant: 2017 Tech Equity: Enrichment Opportunities

Common Core Presentation - January 2017 SWNI Schools Meeting: USA Academic Performance vs. 30+ Industrialized Countries per the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) established in 1961. 

New Schools Committee Chair - Transition message from Summer 2016

I said some time ago that, after 10 years as chair, it was time for new leadership.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce that on June 22 the SWNI Board  confirmed the appointment of Maripat Hensel as the new chair of the Schools Committee.  This takes effect immediately.

Maripat is an excellent choice.  She has been actively involved in the committee, most recently as the lead coordinator of our successful TechConnect event in November and working on the follow-up activities for involving entire families in the use of technology for students.  Therefore, she is well-prepared to take the lead on future activities.

I will continue to help out on the tech project as needed.

It has been an honor to serve as the Schools Committee chair for the only coalition that has such a committee.  We care about our kids.

Will Fuller, Outgoing Chair, SWNI Schools Committee

School Boundaries *** FINAL WESTSIDE CHANGES ***

The board retained most aspects of the Superintendent’s recommendations for relieving overcrowding at Capitol Hill, Chapman, Hayhurst and Maplewood elementary schools and Lincoln High School, including:

  • Assigning Chapman Kindergarten students to classrooms at the PPS Ramona campus, 1545 NW 13th St. as a temporary solution and sending portions of the Chapman attendance area to surrounding elementary schools.
  • Moving Odyssey K-8 from Hayhurst to East Sylvan.
  • Retaining the Spanish Immersion program at Ainsworth.
  • Reassigning a portion of the Capitol Hill Elementary catchment to Stephenson Elementary.

Changes initiated in the final board resolution include:

  • Splitting the Bridlemile attendance area at middle school, with the majority assigned to Gray/Wilson, and small portions attending West Sylvan/Lincoln (rather than splitting Bridlemile when students enter high school).
  • Retaining Lincoln as the high school assignment for current West Sylvan 6th and 7th graders, though this guarantee will not extend to younger siblings. (The Superintendent granted current 8th graders continued access to Lincoln.)
  • Assigning current Bridlemile 5th graders to West Sylvan this fall, with the right to transfer to Gray, given that these boundary changes do not take effect until 2017. These students are assigned to Wilson for high school.
  • Maplewood Elementary is assigned to Jackson Middle School, as proposed by DBRAC, instead of to Gray, as proposed by the Superintendent.

Potential future changes recommended by the Superintendent and the Board include:

  • Prepare to reopen Smith School as a K-5 with a projected launch of Fall 2019.
  • Consider a possible new K-5 or middle school site to be incorporated in the Lincoln High School Master Plan.
  • Work with the City of Portland to allocate enough square footage in the old Post Office redevelopment plan to be the location of possible new K-5 or Middle School.
  • Consider, through the educational options review process changes to the MLC campus, including shifting it from a K-12 to a K-8 focus option that prioritizes access for neighborhood children and moving MLC's K-12 program to a new site (possibly as part of the Post Office redevelopment) and repurposing the Couch Elementary building now occupied by MLC.

Learn more, follow the process on the Growing Great Schools I & II web pages. 


TechConnect and Techquity


The Stephens Creek Crossing listening circle had a variety of interests, so we are conducting a few more to narrow down the priorities.  SUN programs are major partners in this project.  There have already been some coding classes by the SUN coordinator there, and by the librarians at Capitol Hill Library, inspired by the listening circle.


HERE IS OUR TechConnect VIDEO by Wilson student Chris Polanco
Southwest Portland community organizations and schools come together at Jackson Middle School to explore the expanding role of technology in the classroom.



Mayor Hales and a Jackson student at TechConnect

photo by Kevin Crotchett

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Participant interacted vigorously, enjoyed the keynote speech by Darren Hudgins, consumed quantities of refreshments and generally had fun.  We have made many contacts at the event, including connections to Stephens Creek Crossing residents and many of the exhibitors.
Now we are getting more formal feedback to guide our next follow-up activities, including an update on the principal interviews we conducted in the Spring, where we found variability in resources, but a rapidly-changing picture.  We will have a smaller tech-equity event at Capitol Hill Library in January or February for the families in that area, and further activities are coming.
There is a wealth of documentation to digest, including a video by a Wilson student which will be released shortly.  Our Neighborhood Small Grant report will have more information.  Meanwhile, visit for pictures and other updates. Activities will continue beyond the grant deadline of January 30.

Video:   Why Have TechConnect?

Click here for "Why have a SW Schools Tech Equity Project?"



SWNI Schools Committee meets third Thursday of every OTHER month: September, November, January, March, May.

Next Meeting  Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 7:00 PM at Multnomah Arts Center Room 4

For minutes of past meetings, click here

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