South Portland Neighborhood Association

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 4
7:00 pm
NCNM Annex
2719 SW Kelly St.


Ken Love,, (503) 245-7795

Mailing Address:
South Portland Neighborhood Association
c/o Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
7688 SW Capitol Hwy.
Portland, OR 97219

Phone: (503) 823-4592

More about the South Portland Neighborhood Association on the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement website:


Transportation/Parking Permit Committee

Meets the day before the board meeting. Ross Island Grocery, 3502 SW Corbett. 
Contact: Bill Danneman (503) 228-9868

Land Use Committee

Meets the third Tuesday of the month. Contact Jim Gardner for location each month.
Contact: Jim Gardner (503) 227-2096,

Communications/Equity/Parks Committee

Meets the second Tuesday of the month. Ross Island Grocery, 3502 SW Corbett.
Contact: Lee Buhler (503) 227-0160


Confirm meeting dates and locations in the monthly SW News newspaper.