December 7, 2016 Board Meeting

The next general meeting of the South Portland Neighborhood Association will be Wednesday, December 7, at 7:00 pm. The location is Radelet Hall, National University of Natural Medicine, 2719 SW Kelly Avenue. (Map)

7:00 pm: Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes November 2, 2016

7:10 pm: Open Public Forum

7:20 pm: Presentation by Alan Bates ref:  Reach Now car sharing by BMW

7:30 pm: Presentation and vote on new board member

7:45 pm: Reports

  • President’s Comments
  • Treasurer: Amin Abdul
  • Land Use: Jim Gardner
  • Transportation: Bill Danneman
  • Communications: 
  • Equity Committee: Laura Campos-Gleason
  • Parks: Laura Campos-Gleason
  • SW Trails: Sharon Fekety
  • SWNI Transportation: Jim Gardner
  • SWNI Board: Len Michon
  • OHSU Update: Michael Harrison
  • NUNM Update: Marilynn Considine
  • South Waterfront Update: Len Michon

9:00 pm: Adjournment