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Bridlemile Neighborhood, Bridlemile Creek Stewards, Albert Kelly Creek Restoration websites now on the SWNI server

The Bridlemile Neighborhood Association, Bridlemile Creek Stewards, and Albert Kelly Creek Restoration websites have moved here to the SWNI server; below are a list of new and updated pages done as part of the move. Now that this large time consuming task is finally behind me, if you would like help moving or creating your own similar neighborhood pages or email lists here on the SWNI server I'll be glad to share with you what I've learned (many thanks to Michael Kisor) and help you learn how to do similar. Victor von Salza,, 503-246-2146, BNA webmaster Albert Kelly Creek Restoration - new larger Before and After photos were added, along with photos and descriptions of 2007 events. Board & Committees - now includes both a board and committees list, with email links for each and all; also a copy of the current BNA By-Laws is now available for downloading. BNA-Events eMail List - Subscribe to this list to receive an monthly email with upcoming Bridlemile Events, On-Going Projects, and other BNA news. Bridlemile Creek Stewards - home page is now located here on the SWNI Server and was extensively updated including new photos. BCS-Announce eMail List - Subscribe to this list to receive announcements (typically one a month) from the Bridlemile Creek Stewards. FOsP-Talk eMail List - Friends of the Bridlemile Open Space Park email list; subscribe to this list to receive and send messages regarding the Open Space Park and properties adjacent to it. Hamilton Park Creek Restoration - page was added including some recent photos of the project area. Historic Buildings - page has been updated with larger photos, including new photos(courtesy of the Rogers Family and the Multnomah Historic Association) of the Fairvale store. Pedestrian Improvements for Hamilton & Shattuck is a new page that describes the problems and solutions, on going and the much needed working group that needs to form and create a Collector Street Pedesterian Improvement Plan for those streets. Parks - Chris Kahle has started updating the pages. History of Parks and Park projects are now located in the History section. Walking Tour - A Browse through Bridlemile - by Ginger Danzer with downloadable map and keyed descriptions; photos from the walk by Victor von Salza. Walking Tour - Spring Color - photos taken along the Fall Color walking route. Website - started this page to make it easy for visitors to find out which among the 70+ pages of the BNA website are new or recently updated.


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