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Nature in Neighborhoods deadline: January 14th

Funding for Metro's Nature in Neighborhoods grants has more than doubled thanks to voter approval of Metro's 5-year local option levy. The levy includes $3.7 million for community partnerships that: • connect people to their watershed • preserve and restore local fish and wildlife habitat • support larger conservation initiatives • support nature education for school-aged children • improve the ability of all communities to experience and connect with nature • implement the Regional Trails Plan. Who is eligible: Individuals, citizen groups, businesses, neighborhoods, nonprofits, schools and school groups, government agencies, faith groups and service groups with nonprofit or other tax-exempt status may apply. Grants may only be awarded to projects and programs that benefit Metro-area residents. Grant Cycle: The duration of all grants is 2 to 3 years. Education grants: • Pre-application materials due January 14, 2014. • Small grants up to $25,000; large grants up to$100,000. • Approximately $700,000 available in 2014 and 2015; $200,000 available in 2016. Restoration grants: Pre-application materials due spring 2014. Trail grants: Letters of interest due in 2015. Contact: Heather Nelson Kent, Grants Program Manager or 503-797-1739 Crista Gardner, Grants Coordinator or 503-797-1627 For more information about grant opportunities at Metro, visit