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Southwest Hills Residential League

Next Membership Event: General Meeting/Quarterly Forum

Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 6:30-8:30 pm
Topic: Neighborhood History - Storytelling

Ainsworth Elementary School, 2425 SW Vista Avenue

We welcome all Portland Heights neighbors, friends, and anyone interested in local history, to our upcoming Southwest Hills Residential League (SWHRL) Forum. Our special guest storytellers both have in-depth knowledge of Portland history. SWHRL resident Michael Munk wrote "The Portland Red Guide," the history of communism, socialism and the labor movement in Portland. His own family has a riveting story, too. They narrowly escaped Prague as the Nazis were taking over in 1939. Michael will touch on: a) how Council Crest got its name b) the story behind the story of why the amusement park was built including the trolley and c) the mystery of Paul Powers, an early resident of Council Crest, and the "famous" inhabitants of the "Munk House," including the Munks, of course.

SWHRL did not always coexist peacefully with its neighbors. Jim Thayer, former SWHRL President and author of Portland Forest Hikes, survived the 2005 SWHRL "boundary wars," when the SWHRL Board at the time sued the city over the boundaries it had set for the SWHRL Neighborhood Association. After that Board was voted out, several of the outgoing Board members sued the incoming Board, including Jim, the new President! He'll relate the crazy story and tell how peace was restored. Residents of SWHRL's bordering neighborhoods are welcome to join us and share their own accounts of what Jim calls "the big kerfuffle"!

Jim has also promised several regionally relevant tales from Oregon history, such as the fate of the Multnomahs, the Shoot-out at the Mozee Claim, the oversized condor that once circled in our skies, and how a 1905 railroad bridge irrevocably severed ties along the Columbia.

Stroh's new "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" program to benefit SWHRL

Lamb's Stroheckers Market has started a new program called “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT,” which benefits community organizations. Each Thursday when a customer's purchases total at least $25, he or she may take a 10% discount, or leave the 10% to the non-profit beneficiary group featured for that week. Now Bob Lamb has added the SWHRL Neighborhood Association as one of the beneficiaries of the program. SWHRL could use the funds for any neighborhood project of its choice. Bob reports that most people leave the money for the group of the week. Recently Lincoln High School Home Economics received $590 from the program, and the Lincoln High Culinary Program raised over $500.

This is a good opportunity to support our only grocery store on the hill, while at the same time giving SWHRL an infusion to help its advocacy work on behalf of the neighborhood. We appreciate all the services Stroh's offers, in addition to the groceries: U.S. Postal Service, pharmacy, liquor store, dry cleaning drop off and pick up, plastic bag recycling, video rental, fresh coffee bar, fresh made sandwiches. You can sign up for a weekly email detailing Strohecker's specials for the week and special events:

Important New Bus Service Proposals for Southwest Hills

TriMet is proposing service improvements and some route changes that could have a dramatic effect in our area, giving people more transportation options and helping to reduce traffic jams on neighborhood streets. The full proposal and survey link are available at
The key proposals for our neighborhood include:
• Merging line 51 with line 39 to provide a direct route connecting Lewis & Clark College, Hillsdale and Goose Hollow through the heart of the SWHRL neighborhood;
• Re-routing line 55 to go from Raleigh Hills along Hamilton and then up Shattuck and Patton, continuing down Patton and Vista along the same route as the new line 39;
• Re-routing line 56 along Scholls Ferry Road through Sylvan to provide a direct connection between the Washington Park/Zoo MAX and Washington Square Mall via Raleigh Hills.
These proposals would provide important new connections, making the bus a more useful option for commuting or errands. But there are many uncertainties. First, changes will come only if TriMet hears from us. There is no timetable. There is no funding identified yet for more frequent service.
Read the proposal. Look at the maps. Make your voice heard.

Moms Group Forms in Our Neighborhood

A new neighbor recently started a mom’s group. To find out more, look for the Southwest Hills Moms Group on social networking site NextDoor NextDoor is a great way to find out what is happening in our area and connect with neighbors. The more of us who use it, the better tool it becomes.


Citywide Tree Project Summary of Key Elements - 4/8/2011 (updated 5/5/2014)


Update on Citywide Tree Project, May 2014



SW Hills Residential League meets the third Wednesday of every month. The annual General Membership meeting is held in May. In lieu of an August meeting, we have a neighborhood picnic. Contact: President Nancy Seton, View MEETING DATES AND LOCATION


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President: Nancy Seton,
Vice President/Treasurer: Kelly Reece,
Secretary: Margaret Gossage