A SWHRL To Do List 2015-16 was on the agenda at the May 20, 2015 annual SWHRL meeting. Here are some items for this list. Let us know if you have others!

  • Revise SWHRL Bylaws
  • Define strategy for elm trees and street trees
  • Continue SWHRL Restoration Project to remove invasives/plant natives at Vista & Spring
  • Add community activities such as neighborhood film nights, music in the home events, nature and history walks, garden visits
  • Continue to collect neighborhood history, including Strohecker’s market story
  • Work with neighbors and management for continuance of Strohecker’s market
  • Archive SWHRL records with City Archives
  • Continue to improve outreach, communications

At our SWHRL May annual meeting on May 20, 2015:

  • SWHRL President Nancy Seton highlighted SWHRL neighborhood activities in “Year in Review – 2014-15,” and the proposed SWHRL “To-Do List,” our action items for 2015-16. See attachments on the SWHRL Home Page, for your review and comments.
  • We discussed the status of the Strohecker’s market, recently purchased by Bales Thriftway. The new owners want to make the market successful: they have already taken steps to improve the produce and meat sections, and will review pricing. SWHRL has set up a task force to find ways to support and enhance the market. Tell us what would persuade you to shop there more often, and we’ll pass it on. Help the market thrive!
  • Bob Stacey, Metro Councilor, talked to the membership about issues Metro deals with, including regional land use and transportation planning (e.g. the SW Corridor Plan/high speed transit), green spaces/parks, recycling, and the zoo. 

Council Crest Update:

In July, 2015, a group of Council Crest residents obtained a permit from Portland's Bureau of Transportation to place a seasonal barrier across one side of SW Council Crest Drive at the intersection with SW Greenway when Council Crest Park is closed at night. The intent is to discourage non-residents from parking on the residential street just outside the Park after hours. In the past residents have reported disturbing behavior - nighttime parties, drinking, drugs, and litter.

Chronic problems in Council Crest Park



 The following motion was approved unanimously at the October 16, 2013 meeting:

  • The Southwest Hills Residential League (SWHRL) recognizes that the residents of Council Crest Drive have thoroughly documented chronic problems occurring at Council Crest Park, and that the residents have prepared thoughtful policy recommendations in response. SWHRL urges the city to engage with residents in order to develop a coordinated and comprehensive response to effectively address these serious concerns.

Click here to view the recommendations submitted by resident Jeff Wihtol. (PDF 387KB)