Land Use

Land Use Issues

5568 SW Hewett Blvd (97221) – proposed new single family construction, 3-story, attached garage on sloped lot.

BDS website says 6,558 sq ft, but calculations from the plans show it could be up to 8,096 sq ft, counting basement and garage.

Permit and adjustment applications pending as of Jan 2017.

Case Number: 15-230619-000-00-RS (2015)

2016-223766-000-00-LU 8/17/16  Adjustment Application (to reduce side setback)


Case Number: LU 16-280741 AD 5526 SW Hewett Blvd:

Adjustment to reduce the required rear setback from 10' to 3'4. Proposal approved Jan 2017 to remove existing detached covered accessory structure and replace with storage area enclosure, pool mechanical equipment enclosure, outdoor fireplace and covered terrace. 

Accessory Short-Term Rental Permits in SWHRL:

Dec 2016: 2416 SW Sherwood Drive, 97201, Carolyn Marieb, 503-320-0651

Type A: “My rental comprises 1 bdrm, 1 bath & a family room on the lower level. Guests will be parking in front & accessing the rental through an exterior door on the home’s south side.”


Dec 2016: 4545 SW Fairhaven Drive, 97221 (Sylvan Highlands/SWHRL) David Boe, 503-928-4534

Type A: 2 bedrooms plus space for single bed in office. Expects up to 3 guests for 2-night minimum stay, average stay 3 nights. Owner will remain on site as host. “Parking in a couple of designated areas on the street (away from driveways), and many will use MAX.”


10/4/16: 1929 SW 13th Ave., Kelly J. Beber, 480-323-6719

Type A: To rent one bedroom to overnight guests, who will park in driveway or garage. Host will remain on site during guest visits.


Sept 2016: 3576 SW Mount Adams Drive (97239)

Maureen Havenner, 503-679-3211

Type A: 2 bedrooms, up to 5 guests (of only one party) renting 2-30 days.

Sept 2016: 3576 SW Mount Adams Drive (97239)

Maureen Havenner, 503-679-3211

Type A: 2 bedrooms, up to 5 guests (of only one party) renting 2-30 days


March 2015: 4449 SW Council Crest Drive: A permit was issued in for a Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental facility at 4449 SW Council Crest Drive, which will allow two guest rooms to be rented. 

Short term accessory rental permits are valid for 2 years.
Portland's short-term rental regulations can be found in the zoning code at: and

Land Use: Demolitions in SWHRL Neighborhood

Although the particular demolitions (6 proposed or completed in our neighborhood in 2015 don’t seem to be too worrisome, this is something SWHRL and neighbors must keep an eye on. Don’t hesitate to call Nancy Seton at 503-224-3840 or email if you are aware of a proposed demolition near you, and have concerns. Since the city does not monitor contractors specifically for abatement of hazardous materials such as asbestos, we need to watch what’s going on.

Questions or concerns? Contact Kareen Perkins, Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
Tel: (503) 823-3622 or

Portland Comprehensive Plan 2035

The new Comp Plan will guide future development in all neighborhoods, including Portland Heights through 2035. Now is the time to review Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission’s (PSC) Recommended Draft Plan, available at
According to Sara Wright, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS), planned amendments are now reflected in an updated land use map, goals and policies document, and a list of significant projects. The Recommended Draft includes elements that address housing, transportation, environmental protection, economic development, infrastructure improvements and community involvement.
The Recommended Draft also includes a revised Map App, which allows community members to search for a specific property to view any recommended land use changes. Visit the Map App at . The bureau has set up a helpline to answer questions about the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Community members may call 503-823-0195, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Staff will be on hand to answer questions.
The public is invited to comment on the Recommended Draft directly to City Council via:
Map App:
U.S. Mail: Comprehensive Plan Testimony c/o Council Clerk
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 130
Portland, OR 972014
In person:   
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Council Chambers
In tandem with the Comp Plan update there are BPS teams and citizen stakeholder committees working on components such as the Residential Infill and Mixed-Use Zones Projects. Commercial properties in SW Hills will be subject to changes under the Mixed-Use Zone, although the Stroheckers market property has special land use conditions that override these changes for now. We do want to make sure we don’t lose our few commercial sites to condos.
The Residential Infill Project will evaluate Portland's single-dwelling development standards to ensure that new or remodeled houses are well integrated and complement the fabric of neighborhoods throughout the city.  It will address scale of houses, narrow lot development (think “skinny houses”), and alternative housing options. SW Portland’s representative on the Infill Committee is Jim Gorter - he will be happy to meet with us and pass on our concerns. Your SWHRL Board and the neighborhood coalition SWNI will be tracking the plans and attending City Council work sessions from October 2015 on.
See schedule at:
Contact SWHRL if you are interested in learning more: