All meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. Confirm scheduled meetings on the Southwest Neighborhoods calendar. No meetings scheduled in August, join us for a Picnic in the Park.

General Membership Meetings

6:30 pm, Ainsworth Elementary School
2425 SW Vista Ave.

The Southwest Hills Residential League general membership meetings are held 3 times each year, on the 3rd Wednesday of January, May and October. Annual board elections are held at the May meeting. 


Board Meetings

7:00 pm, Ascension Episcopal Parish
1823 SW Spring St.

The Southwest Hills Residential League board meets 8 times each year, on the 3rd Wednesday of February, March, April, June, July, September, November and December




2016 Archives

2016 documents are attached at the bottom of this page.


2015 Archives

2015-01-21 Quarterly Meeting: [Agenda]  [Minutes]

2015-02-18 Board Meeting: [Agenda] [Minutes]

2015-03-18 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-04-15 Board Meeting: [Agenda]

2015-05-20 Annual Membership Meeting: [Agenda] [Minutes]

2015-06-17 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-06-18 Year-in-Review: [SWHRL 2014-15]

2015-08-18 Fiscal Sponsorship: [SWHRL Council Crest Partial Barricade]

2015-09-16 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-10-01 Fiscal Sponsorship: [SWHRL Vista-Spring Restoration Project]

2015-10-21 Quarterly Meeting: [Agenda]  [Minutes]

2015-11-18 Board Meeting: [Minutes]


2014 Archives

2014-04-16 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-05-21 Quarterly Meeting [Minutes]

2014-06-18 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2014-07-16 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-09-17 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-10-15 Quarterly Forum [Agenda] [Minutes]

2014-11-19 Board Meeting [Minutes]