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Transportation Committee

Portland Comprehensive Plan
Transportation Systems Plan Update

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) Transportation Committee has been reviewing and commenting on the draft Portland Comprehensive Plan Transportation System Plan. Over the past 2 years, SWNI has submitted several letters to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission on the draft Goals and Policies as well as other details that have been proposed. The Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission approved the “Recommended Plan” on July 14, 2015 and transmitted the Plan to the Portland City Council on September 10, 2015.

Portland City Council is conducting final hearings on the Recommended Plan and SWNI is now evaluating the final draft and preparing final comments. The Transportation Systems Plan (Stage 1) goals and policies are included in the Recommended Plan as well as specific projects that are needed in our community.

Hearings are scheduled for November 19 (2:00 pm), December 3 (6:00 pm) and December 10 (6:00 pm)
See “how to comment” at

Concurrently, the City is also working on other updates to the Comprehensive Plan that are scheduled for hearings next year. These topics include the Transportation Systems Plan Stage 2 and the Mixed Use Zone and Institutional Zone projects.

Links to documents for residents and Neighborhood Associations to help in evaluating the draft Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Links: SWNI Comp Plan/TSP letters to date: Recommended Plan Maps for Southwest Portland: Planning and Sustainability Cover Letter transmitting the Recommended Plan to Portland City Council (PDF 1.2 MB)

TSP Chapter 9 (PDF 425 KB)

Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge Project 

The City of Portland has a longstanding problem of not collecting fees or requiring infrastructure improvements from new development on unpaved or under-improved streets (collectively known as "problem streets").  Instead, developers on problem street typically receive a "waiver of remonstrance," a legally-binding agreement that is passed on to the homeowner to participate in any future local improvement district (LID) for infrastructure improvements.  Given the high cost of street improvements, and the low political acceptability, the City has pursued very few LIDs for local streets in recent years.  Thus, the waivers of remonstrance received by developers (roughly 12,500 issued to date) are for LIDs that the City has come to accept may never materialize.

The City has decided to start a new program for addressing infill development on problem streets by charging infill developers on problem streets a Local Transportation Improvement Charge (LTIC).  The technical memos on the website provide more detail on the extent of the problem and potential solutions.  Marianne Fitzgerald, SWNI volunteer, is one of the members of the Stakeholder Working Group that convened in August 2015 and regularly reports progress to the SWNI Transportation Committee.  PBOT expects to present a proposal to City Council for adoption in December 2015.   

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)
Bureau Advisory Committee

SWNI volunteer Marianne Fitzgerald is a member of the Portland Bureau of Transportation Bureau Advisory Committee (TBAC).  The TBAC also provides advice on developing the PBOT budget during the fall and winter months. 

Recently the TBAC discussed some projects that may be of interest: 

PBOT has also developed a two-year Action Plan called “Portland Progress” which is posted at  PBOT has begun tracking progress toward meeting the goals in the Plan.  For more information on the Portland Progress Dashboard, visit

Barbur Road Safety Audit 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) sponsored field work and stakeholder meetings were conducted the week of July 20 – 24, 2015.  ODOT recently released its consultant report and has been invited to the November TC meeting to discuss it.
View ODOT's website: Barbur Boulevard Safety Audit

Tryon-Stephens Headwaters Neighborhood Street Plan

Slide presentation of the Tryon-Stephens Creek Headwaters Neighborhood Street Plan that Denver Igarta shared at the July SWNI Transportation Committee meeting
  -  recommendations summary
  -  map of recommended master street plan recommendations
  -  map of gaps in the SW Urban Trails Plan
  -  map of proposed neighborhood facilities for stormwater

A link to the full report:

Presentation: 2014 Barbur Data Collection Report

At the January 21, 2015 SWNI Transportation Committee Meeting, ODOT staff presented and discussed the 2014 Barbur Data Collection Report. The following document is a response from ODOT to SW Community Questions.

Presentation: Portland Comprehensive Plan and
Transportation System Plan Policy
Courtney Duke, PBOT

The following document was presented at the October 20th SWNI Transportation Committee Meeting.

Capitol Highway
Stormwater and Transportation Improvements

A long-term dream and goal of SW Neighborhoods, Inc. is construction of sidewalks, bike lanes, and storm water management on Capitol Hwy from the Multnomah Village viaduct south to Taylors Ferry Road. The history is long. The city issued the Capitol Highway Plan in 1996 and the SW Capitol Highway Refinement Report in 2011. The City of Portland has recently completed several important bicycle and pedestrian projects in southwest Portland. We believe it is now time to turn to Capitol Highway. See the links below for our September 4, 2014 letter to City Council and the three page report by Transportation Committee member Al Iverson.

Oregon Department of Transportation
OR99W: SW Barbur Blvd @ 13th Avenue Pedestrian Crossing

ODOT is notifying neighbors about some new pedestrian improvements that will be constructed along SW Barbur at SW 13th Ave. These improvements include:
  1. Use Temporary Work Zone Traffic Control for safety of site
  2. Install a Solar Powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the existing marked crossing and Median Island.
  3. Install cast-in-place yellow truncated dome detectable warning devices at locations shown on the plans.
  4. Perform additional and incidental Work as called for by the Specifications and Plans.
The public should expect construction impacts in this area. Motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users need to be aware that ODOT will be restricting one lane of traffic northbound on SW Barbur Blvd. as well as occasional lane restrictions on SW Barbur Blvd. headed southbound. TriMet bus stops will temporarily be relocated during construction. Northbound and Southbound shoulder bike lanes in this section of SW Barbur Blvd. will be closed intermittently during construction. Construction will begin June of 2014 and will be completed (60) days after construction begins. Should you have any questions about this project, please contact Shelli Romero at (503) 731-8231 or by email at
Southwest Corridor logo

Southwest Corridor Plan

The Southwest Corridor Plan is a comprehensive planning effort to create livable and sustainable communities along the corridor between Portland, Tigard and Sherwood through integrated community investments in land use and transportation. Read more: Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) comment letter dated May 30, 2014

Click HERE to view comment letter sent by Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. regarding the draft recommendations for the Southwest Corridor Plan (5/6/2014 draft).  We requested officials review our comments prior to consideration of final recommendations at the June 9 SWC Steering Committee meeting. 


Citizen Feedback

During the April 29th SW Corridor Community Forum, citizens were given an opportunity to provide comments about the SW Corridor Plan on written comment cards. These are summarized HERE. Citizens were also invited to participate in a Community Preference Exercise by voting on future projects in Southwest Portland associated with the SW Corridor Plan. These results are summarized HERE. Both documents were forwarded to panelists and their staff on May 14, 2014.


SWNI Southwest Corridor Community Forum - April 29, 2014

Click here for an audio recording of the event. Informal SWNI SWC notes are also available for review from the event. The SWNI forum was held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 in the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium. Attendees learned about Metro's Southwest Corridor Plan; how high capacity transit could improve access to jobs, services and education in SW Portland and how this could improve overall livability within the Portland section of the Corridor. Residents had an opportunity to let elected officials hear their comments, suggestions, reservations, etc. about a high capacity transit project coming to SW Portland. SWNI thanks the decision-makers panel; Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Steve Novick, ODOT Region 1 Manager Jason Tell, TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane, Metro Councilor Bob Stacey and SWNI President Marianne Fitzgerald. See pictures below.


Neighborhoods vote on SW Corridor Projects

Metro is refining the Southwest Corridor Plan in preparation for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement phase that begins in July 2014. The SWNI Transportation Committee solicited the top three priority SW Corridor “roadway and active transportation” projects from every neighborhood association and submitted the results to Commissioner Steve Novick, responsible for the Bureau of Transportation.




PBOT Portland Working Group logo


The Portland Working Group has been created as a forum for Portlanders to learn about the current phase of the Southwest Corridor Plan and provide input on High Capacity Transit (HCT) options as well as related roadway and multimodal transportation projects.

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