National Night Out

Official National Night Out this year is Tuesday August 6th, 2019. Celebrations in the City of Portland can take place throughout the week of August 2nd - 11th. Register your party between April 22nd & July 23rd. For more information and to register in the City of Portland go to: or call: 503.823.4064

NNO Flyer

Changes to City Code 3.96

City Code Chapter 3.96 creates a framework by which the people of the City of Portland may effectively participate in civic affairs and work to improve the livability and character of their Neighborhoods and the City. This Chapter sets out the basis for City recognition of Neighborhood Associations and District Coalition offices. It no longer adequately represents the Bureau's current programs, responsibilities, or constituencies. An audit of the bureau highlighted the need to update Bureau practices and City Code to ensure Portlanders have equal access to City decision-making.

City Council reaffirmed its commitment and responsibility to engage ALL Portlanders in efforts to foster and support civic engagement with Resolution 37373 in July 2018.  By July 2019, a Code Change Committee will recommend changes to Chapter 3.96 that reflect: a unified set of culturally-responsive practices for engaging a diverse range of community partners; an updated description of the Bureau's responsibilities; and a set of voluntary guidelines that represent best practices for civic engagement.

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