Marshall Park Bridge Meeting 14-Feb-2008


Portland Parks Dept came to the Marshall Park neighborhood meeting to discuss the condemned footbridge in Marshall Park.  This bridge is part of the most popular trail in the park.  It crosses the stream leading up to the cascading falls which is the most beautiful area of the entire park, and one of the prettiest natural spots in the city.     

It was a very lively MPNA meeting, and very well attended.   Kathy Murrin, Louise Shorr, and Mart Hughes attended from Portland Parks.  And other interested groups were also represented - Tryon Creed Watershed Council, SWNI Trails, and Collins View Nbhd. 

The parks representatives told us that there are no funds nor specific plans at present.   They had asked for $75,000 in the budget to build a new bridge but it was not approved by the council.   So now they will be trying to get emergency funds approved, for reasons of public safety and degradation of the stream which is a feeder for Tryon Creek.   It is not known what chance this has of succeeding.

We are getting organized to help any way we can.   There is a new Marshall Park Bridge Committee who will meet to discuss ideas and make plans.   This park is not just a neighborhood park, it belongs to everyone.  So we hope other neighborhoods and park users will help us in our efforts to get this bridge replaced, so the public can once again enjoy one of the best natural places in the city.  

Anyone interested in helping please send an email message to

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