FOMP meeting minutes 5-Apr-2007

Friends of Marshall Park Meeting - April 5, 2007, Papaccino’s Coffee House In Attendance: Karen B, Dan M, Jan W, Jen SB, Neil B, Margot B, John G, Mart H (PP&R) [FoMP briefly discussed Lincoln HS/Gabriel field scoreboard issue; Margot received feedback that SWNI Parks should advocate for new/similar look scoreboard; Lincoln/baseball league assumption of installation, maintenance & upkeep to minimize impact on Parks budget; also preference that a scoreboard maintain a low profile in character with the hybrid park.]

1. STEWARDSHIP AGREEMENT - purpose: not contract - ID mutual targets/goals - can evolve with changing priorities; baseline - can add later - help determine work priorities Motion: Authorize Roland Brady to sign SA on behalf of the Friends of MP: 1 -JSB, 2- MB passed unanimously - relationship to forthcoming planning process: largely outside (park projects that are impacted by process will be delayed until plan is completed), although there will be opportunity for involvement, and planning committee will have volunteer participation - help determine community values. Projects that will (likely) follow after planning process: posting signage; bridge - PP&R desired action is to take usage off, replace with wider bridge downstream

2. REVIEW DRAFT DFC Desired Future Conditions document looks at expected plant community composition (barring major disturbance) 100-200 years out. Document intent is to take note of naturally evolving plant communities and serial succession - realizing that this will change after 100-200 years (cedar prevalence; grand fir to hemlock dominance). --> Natural area management goals include taking out invasives, while also maintaining the integrity of natural serial processes --> Look at creek system as separate unit (different plant associations); former basketball court = alder/ash alliance Alliances: within associations, there are descriptions of canopy coverage - therefore even if a particular species is not present, we can still manage

3. WORK PLAN (ADDENDUM TO STEWARDSHIP AGREEMENT) Management units - ranking key:

1 - highest priority, goal is to accomplish eradication of invasives, many areas almost done/need to complete, many are second or third pass. (Units: 1, 3, 4, 7 - FoMP work priorities; 9, 14 also ranked ‘1’ but target later)

2 - medium priority (possible FoMP roles: 8 - future erosion control planting, 13 - mulch Nike plantings)

3 - lowest priority due to level of infestation, terrain, or plans for chemical intervention. (Mart: Unit 5 holly/laurel treatment; 6 possible ivy treatment; 9, 10 also candidates for chem intervention. Cliff, piece on creek that abuts 18th in unit 8, north end of 18th.

FOMP TENTATIVE WORK PLAN 2007 1, 3 - systematic (e.g. walk through shoulder to shoulder) manual removal of suckers and re-sprouts of holly, laurel, ivy. Use of weed wrench if/as needed. 4, 7 - no understory - park entrance & old basketball. Remove invasives. 8 - future plantings 13 - mulch Nike plantings

MART TARGET AREAS, NO FOMP WORK PLANNED 5 - cut holly w/chainsaw, garlon on stumps, left smaller stuff; pretty hammered in ivy - FoMP d/n prioritize now; unit 6 - heavy ivy infection; units 9, 10 also candidates for chem intervention. Also possible work on 8.

4. SATURDAY WORK PARTY Continue systematic removal of resprouts on units 1, 3.