Report a non-urgent traffic safety concern to City of Portland Bureau of Transportation

Investigations by traffic engineers for non-urgent safety concerns related to pedestrians, people biking or taking transit, speeding drivers, speed limits in general, traffic safety around schools, visibility, signage, signal timing. 

By Phone: 823-SAFE (7233)

Southwest Corridor Presentation September 8, 2020

Libby Winter, TriMet,

Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project presentation




Safer Sholders Program SW Stephenson Project

June 2018 Speed Study on Stephenson
June 2018 Speed Study on Stephenson

View City of Portland presentation
PBOT Design Specifications 14' ASPHALT LOCAL SPEED BUMP
Speed Cushion Height Study with PBOT tolerance specifications

ACNA Letter to City of Portland July 17, 2018
City of Portland Response September 6, 2018
ACNA Letter to City of Portland April 19, 2019

April 24, 2019 Update - PBOT response to ACNA's April 19, 2019 letter: 

The PBOT project team has been in discussions with the contractor about specification compliance issues that have been identified since the speed humps were installed last summer (October 2018). As a result of these identified issues, the contractor has agreed to remove and reinstall 13 of the humps to correct these issues.  Please note that the Fire Bureau has approved the standard specification for the humps; the issue is solely with the installation meeting those design specs.  Work is anticipated to commence next month (May 2019) weather permitting.  The work is being done at no additional cost to the Stephenson Pedestrian Safety project.

June 28, 2019 Update: Wheel troughs for emergency vehicles have been widened. This work was originally planned for May but was postponed until school was out.

Project website:



Barbur Crossroads Safety Project

Crestwood neighborhood and others remain extremely concerned about the negative impacts of ODOT's "Jug Handle" proposal that are not mentioned in the flyer and urge you to send your comments to Ellen Sweeney,, 503-731-8230.

The image below shows a map of the design elements of the project.

Jug Handle project map

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is currently designing the Barbur Crossroads Safety Project where SW Barbur Blvd, SW Capitol Hwy and SW Taylors Ferry Rd meet. Construction is expected from 2021 to 2022. The project consists of many safety elements including changes to traffic operations to reduce vehicle crashes. The top priority of this project is to improve safety.

Included in this design are many safety modifications:

  • ADA curb ramps.
  • Curb extensions.
  • An 8-foot-wide sidewalk.
  • Pedestrian countdown signals.
  • Bicycle markings in bike lanes.
  • A change to traffic operations to reduce crashes.

To improve vehicle safety, left turns will be prohibited for vehicles traveling northbound on SW Capitol Hwy at the SW Barbur Blvd intersection. Due to a high volume of crashes, cars will instead be routed straight through the intersection, right on SW Taylors Ferry Rd, right on SW Barbur Blvd and then onto the I-5 southbound freeway onramp or Barbur Blvd southbound. 

For more information, and to view a map of the safety improvements, visit the project website at:

Read the letter from SWNI to ODOT regarding concerns about this project.




ACNA Transportation and Funding Priorities



SW 35th and Arnold St. Culvert Rehab Project


Traffic detour map

Environmental Services and its partners are working on a project to replace a culvert on Tryon Creek under Boones Ferry Road, by Arnold Street. The existing culvert blocks all upstream fish passage and is too small to allow adequate flow during wet weather.

The Boones Ferry Road Culvert Replacement project construction has been delayed. The project was scheduled to begin construction in 2019; however, it is now expected to begin in February 2020. Limited steel availability has increased the project budget by $2.5 million.  Project partners are now working together to identify additional funding for the project.



SW Stephenson Roadside Swales

Environmental Services completed work in March 2016 on a stormwater management project on SW Stephenson Street between SW 35th Avenue and Boones Ferry Road. This project  helps protect water quality in Tryon Creek.