City Council Update - December 9, 2020

Portland City Council tabled Item #966

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly Office of Community & Civic Life
Item #966 - Amend grant with Southeast Uplift in amount not to exceed $145,000 and reassess district coalition model for administrative simplification, expanded and equitable services (Ordinance; amend Contract No. 32002080).

Thank you all for the letters and testimonies in support for returning funding to SWNI with appropriate controls. We will post more information as it becomes available.

Response to SWNI Audit
SWNI is fighting to make SW Portland voices heard! We need your help.

The forensic audit did not indicate any issues of fraud or malfeasance since the 2010 fraud, a situation that is well known and documented. No surprise here. SWNI’s response to the Office of Civic Life audit provides a detailed analysis of the shortcomings in the report. This response has been sent to the Mayor and City Councilors. 

We need your help! It is critical our elected officials hear from community members directly. Your voice matters. Now is the time to communicate your support of SWNI, its importance to our Community, and to restore SWNI’s funding. 

Please write an email to the Mayor and City Council to offer support for SWNI as an organization. Be brief and courteous. Make sure your email’s subject line says “Support for SWNI.” Here are a few additional tips for the email.  

1. First, identify your relationship with SWNI, noting whether you are currently involved with your neighborhood association, attend neighborhood meetings, or volunteer with SWNI in other capacities. This will be important in highlighting your experience with the organization and why you feel a natural sense of attachment to your local community.  

2. Second, describe your experience with SWNI. Reflect on specific ways SWNI has supported your neighborhood association, nonprofit, or community group in serving the residents of SW Portland. Here are some examples: 

  • SWNI assisted in promoting your National Night Out event every year.
  • You attended one of the Candidate Forum events that SWNI sponsored for the community.  
  • SWNI helped your group organize a pedestrian safety vigil to address traffic safety concerns.  
  • SWNI advertised your neighborhood association’s “Movie in the Park.”  
  • SW News informed neighbors in need to find relevant referrals. 

3. Finally, be sure to close your email with a direct request to restore SWNI’s city funding. Most neighborhood associations heavily rely on the infrastructure of the neighborhood coalitions to get business done. Restoration of City of Portland funding is critical to SWNI’s financial future. It is up to elected officials to preserve this community investment and further allow community members to be involved in local governance at the neighborhood level.  

4. Email Addresses: 

Mayor Wheeler: 
Commissioner Amanda Fritz: 
Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty: 
Commissioner Chloe Eudaly: 
Commissioner Dan Ryan: 
Auditor Mary Hull Caballero:

City Council Clerk:

Southwest Neighborhood Office: 

Thank you for exercising your voice to encourage our community members and elected leaders to continue working together. Submitted by SWNI Executive Committee

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SWNI Preliminary Response to Audit

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City Council Item #966 Ordinance;Amend Contract No. 32002080