Hayhurst Neighborhood Winter “Back to School” Safety Vigil

Image of Doug Rogers holding Slow Down sign next to Officer Jacobson
Officer Jacobson with Doug Rogers at January 2nd Safety Vigil.

Many neighbors saw or experienced Hayhurst Neighborhood Association's “Back to School” Safety Vigil on Wednesday, January 2nd, at the corner of SW 45th & Vermont. It was the first day back at school for Portland Public School students and the private schools in the neighborhood. They conducted the vigil in the late afternoon and early evening when there was lots of commuter traffic coming through the intersection.

Officer Jacobson with the Portland Police Bureau was present for the vigil and stopped ten drivers to issue warnings about speeding through the intersection, driving without headlights and other infractions. See the great photo above of Officer Jacobson with Doug Rogers, one of the volunteers present. They also provided blinking safety lights to 20 pedestrians who were walking or biking through the intersection.

The Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. office and Portland Bureau of Transportation provided safety vests, signs and traffic cones to ensure everyone’s safety. Two takeaways from the vigil were a reminder to drivers to drive carefully on neighborhood streets and for pedestrians/bikers to make themselves as visible as possible during the dark, rainy winter months. Remember – Be Seen, Be Safe.