Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) Project- Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

The Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) project addresses the urgent need to provide more options for those who are homeless – or could potentially experience homelessness – and facilitates transitions to permanent housing for housing-vulnerable Portlanders.

The proposed amendments to City code would allow needed emergency shelters, day storage and hygiene facilities, transitional living facilities, and stable housing for individuals and households with extremely low incomes. It would also improve how the regulatory environment affects for-profit, nonprofit, and public sector shelter and housing providers.

The proposals fall into four categories:

  • Traditional sheltering and temporary facilities
  • Outdoor shelters and day facilities
  • Housing flexibility through group living
  • Limited occupancy of a recreational vehicle or a tiny house on wheels on residential property.


S2HC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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