Dickinson Park Community Garden Concerns


This page presents concerns that have been raised about a community garden in Dickinson Park. There is a focus on the concerns raised through the petition process, which came about after the public Open House held about the garden concept (June 15th). There is also a page with reasons in support of the garden.

Sequence of events

On June 29, a group of concerned residents sent an email message to Crestwood and Ashcreek Neighborhood Associations indicating their intention to circulate a petition in opposition to the community garden project. At the July meeting of Crestwood NA, a group of petitioners were present to review the results of the petition and to voice their concerns to the project. Several residents who support the project were also in attendance. The petition results were submitted with 154 names signing in opposition to the garden. The opposition is focused on the proposed location at the top (east) of the park. There was an extended discussion and all present were encouraged to state their views.
The Neighborhood Association Board decided that the next step was to capture all of the concerns that had been raised about the project. It was decided that a request should be made of Portland Parks and Recreation to reconsider the proposed garden site to see if another location with the park could be considered.



This page is intended to capture concerns raised about the Dickinson garden project. It is based on the assumption of the garden site being at the top (east) of the park just south of the existing play area. If there are additional concerns not stated below, please send them via email to jure@comcast.net.

Concern Source
A community garden is not included in the approved Master Plan for Dickinson Park. Petition group
A community garden competes with design in the Master Plan for the area around the play structure to be developed for recreation acitivity, such as picnicking, birthday parties, etc. T. Hansen
A community garden is not consistent with the goals and concepts in the Master Plan:
  • Maintain the open quality of the site
  • Enhance the quality of the park character
  • Protect and restore the natural resource areas
CNA meeting (7/13/11)
Residents in the vicinity of the park are opposed to the garden. Petition group
The garden would constrain the park entrance and put a fenced area as the introduction the park. CNA meeting
If there are available funds for park development, it should be spent on items included in the Master Plan and not on garden development. T. Hansen
Hydrology - a natural spring exists where the garden would be located - this could lead to erosion or require extensive engineering to overcome. T. Hansen
Parking - current park parking could not accommodate increased parking requirements that a garden would have. Survey, CNA meeting
A garden would restrict the westward view - one of the most distinctive and important aspects of Dickinson Park. CNA meeting
A garden would have an adverse impact on dog walking. Survey
Size - there is a lack of clarity on the size of the garden - it could be 10,000 sq ft or 30,000 sq ft. A 30,000 sq ft area would be very large and take up a substantial part of the open area of the park. CNA meeting
The park should be kept wild and open and should not have further development. Survey
A garden would be cluttered and make the park look unsightly. Survey
A garden would bring increased vehicle traffic to a quite neighborhood. Survey
A garden would encourage more transient activity in the park. Survey