Dickinson Park Community Garden Support


This page lists reasons that support a community garden in Dickinson Park. It represents views gathered during the neighborhood survey, the Open House, from the Crestwood Board and from work done with the Portland Community Garden Office. This list was created in response to the list of concerns raised.

Reason Source
There is a greatly increased demand for community garden plots. There is a wait list of 150 people for Gabriel and Vermont Hills gardens, and a waiting list of over 1600 city wide. Portland Community Garden Office
There are limited community garden opportunities in the Southwest. Portland Community Gardens offers only three gardens - Gabriel, Vermont Hills and Fulton. Portland Community Garden Office
There is strong interest from our local community. 75 people from the survey indicated an interest in a garden plot. Survey
The Dickinson Master Plan is 10 years old. It doesn't reflect recent trends and interests of the community. Portland Parks has indicated that there are no funds to revise the Master Plan. They do not feel a need to revise the Master Plan to consider a garden. Portland Parks
A garden would increase the utilization of the park - it would draw more people in for more diverse activity. Survey
Growing local food - a lot of people are interested in urban agriculture and want to grow their own food but don't have the space or the amount of sunlight needed. There has been an strong increase in this activity. Survey comments
A community garden would strengthen our community. (25 people from the survey listed this in their comments.) Survey comments
Community gardens are good! Survey comments
Neighborhood demographics: there are high density housing units south of the park that would be well served by garden opportunities. CNA & ANA
Gardening brings an opportunity to donate excess produce to Neighborhood House, which provides food for low-income households. Survey
Gardens can be used for educational opportunities for children - both formally (Sprouts Academy) and informally. Survey comments
Community gardens increase awareness of gardening methods - they provide models for people to follow in their private gardens. Survey
Vegetable gardening promotes good health. Survey comments
Dickinson Park has available space and lots of direct sunlight. It is an excellent location for a garden. Survey
Our neighborhood has an opportunity to do something wonderful that is greatly needed. Crestwood NA meeting