Dolph Court and SW 57th Trail Cleanup Project

You are Invited!!

On Saturday October 19th, 2013 between 9AM and 3PM you are invited by the Ashcreek Neighborhood Association to participate with other neighbors on a trails cleanup project at SW 57th and Dolph Court. You are welcome to come on over at anytime and volunteer some time to help us out.  Wear work clothing, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, sturdy footwear, and bring water and snacks as you desire.  We will be working on 300 feet of trail between SW 57th and SW 56th avenue and the activities will include: blackberry removal, path widening and scraping, gravel hauling, trail side brush cutting, and drainage construction.

Suggested tools to bring are manual hedge trimmers, loppers, flat blade shovel, regular shovel, and hoe. We are trying to get water and snacks provided and will update with our progress.

History Scope: 

Sections of SW Dolph Court are paved or gravel roadways; other sections are unimproved public right of ways with dirt trails. Taken together they create an east-west neighborhood connection trail for pedestrian and bicycle use from SW 49th Avenue to SW 59th Avenue a 10 block route that is approximately 2-3 blocks south of Garden Home Road. This year we are concentrating on the section between SW 56th and 57th avenues.

The path in that section lacks an all weather surface. Path and drainage are comingled for some distance, blackberries at the 57th end have pushed the path almost to the property line of the southern neighbor, and the current width of path and encroaching vegetation makes it difficult to maintain.

The project entails removing blackberries, realigning the trail at 57th end, reforming drainage separate from path (likely creating a way for water to get under path to natural drainage on the north side), widening the path to 30 in., laying a modest all weather surface of gravel over draincloth, and trimming back vegetation for a corridor that is 3 feet on each side of the path. The total length is 300 feet approx.

Here are some things we are not planning to do: The entry at SW 56th is grass and mowed by neighbors; we'll make no change to that. There is an overhang that creates a cave to walk trough, we'll keep the overhang for visual appeal but trim it up to higher head clearance.  Our goal is a fun path, easier to maintain year round and more appealing to our neighbor users for walking, biking, running.

Dave Manville, Ashcreek’s trails chair assisted by a subcommittee, will organize the work party and can be reached at or mobile at 503-753-8186. If you would like to help or donate, or know of where materials can be obtained for free or at a low cost, please contact Dave.

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Below are a few photos of the work area with descriptions.