Woods Memorial Natural Area – New Trails and Preservation, Update June 2012

This section of the project page will be updated with current status, new postings, changes and new information as the project progresses.

2012, June-6: Update announcing Saturday June 16th Public Meeting at Multnomah Arts Center Rm 30 from 1PM to 3PM for Neighbor input on prospective park uses.

2011, Dec-14: Initial page posting

Special Announcement
Saturday June 16th there will be a Public Meeting at Multnomah Arts Center Rm 30 from 1PM to 3PM for Neighbor input on prospective park uses, ideas and plans

Woods Memorial Nature Area off SW 45th/48th and Marigold Street has been extended west for a couple of blocks into the Ashcreek Neighborhood through recent “open space” land acquisitions. Portland Parks & Recreation and Friends of Woods Park invite members of Ashcreek, Crestwood, and Multnomah Neighborhoods to join them to bring forward ideas and concerns for watershed preservation, the extension of new trails, or other thoughts for the newly acquired area and changes to the existing footprint of the park. Now is the time to get involved in planning this rather small but significant addition to Woods Park. Since December 2011 following a park use proposal, Portland Parks granted planning resources in Jan 2012 to proceed with an update to the parks “Fundamental Plan”. The lead planner for this effort is James Allison with Portland Parks. James in conjunction with a group of 7 or so interested neighbors from Friends of Woods Park have been planning for the upcoming public meeting.

Community Outreach
An introduction and initial viewing of the acquired space and initial trail ideas was conducted 12/12 at the ANA Dec Meeting. More discussion and action at following meetings in 2012 will occur. If you have ideas or concerns on this project or if would like to volunteer for regular Friends of Woods Park work parties please contact Dave Manville - daville50@comcast.net

  • Letters will be sent in early June 2012 to Neighbors who adjoin the park announcing the public meeting above.
  • Trail Flyers will be placed at park entrances announcing the Public Meeting.
  • Ashcreek List Server email notice about the public meeting went out June 2, 2012 and will be followed with a tickler a few days prior to the meeting.
  • This Web Page Serves as a place for Ashcreek Neighborhood News on the project.

What is Ahead for this project
This project will have at least 3 important phases:
a) Outreach into the community for ideas/concerns. This is where we are NOW.
b) Process documentation/plan approval, permitting, funding, and operational planning. There is a host of steps required to do work in a Natural Area, in a sensitive watershed, and in a park. Lots of documentation and permitting will be required.
c) Preservation of natural areas and construction of any new facilities or trails inside the park as permitted. This is where the plan will become visible and will be followed by general use of the new and revised park areas.

We do not have a completion timeline for these activities or funding secured. Ashcreek, Crestwood, Friends of Woods Park are hopeful and working towards it all coming together within the next 12 or so months.

Why this park and this project now
There is already a trail through the new section of this park that is effective but not nearly up to Portland Parks and Recreation trail standards and it is not maintained. Getting going on this process now to preserve the wetlands through the citing of environmentally sound trails or other preservation facilities will lessen negative impacts to the park and bring an enjoyable improvement into our neighborhood.

More information: Please see the links to other information about this project below:


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Crestwood Neighborhood Association: swni.org/crestwood

Friends of Woods Park: https://friendsofwoodspark.wordpress.com

Woods Memorial Natural Area (Conservation/Preservation within the park and the existing trail system): http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/finder/index.cfm?PropertyID=866&action=ViewPark

Common Questions: Postings will be made here as the project unfolds.