7. Public Meeting


October 13, 2004 Held at the West Portland United Methodist Church  

I own property on Taylors Ferry Road and like the idea of an asphalt walk way; bike path on both sides of the road and think they should be maintained by land owners just as sidewalks are in the other parts of the city.  

Do have a question about the trees in the right-of-way. Will the city allow those to be removed if completely in the way of an asphalt path?  

They need to get rid of the traffic calming “hump” on the I-5 off ramp – and redesign this for pedestrians with a walk/dont walk light to stop traffic on the off ramp.   I think all or one or two or three would be fantastic!

Great job – thank you.

Can we close Capitol Highway off ramp - moving it to Taylors Ferry – the Barbur exit could be closed as well – then too!


Cant wait to ride bikes to the new StarBucks!  

Great job!

Lets adopt it!  

Here are some comments. I love the idea of 4-way stops where you requested, the low-impact/low cost pedestrian ways as well as the swales. We need to beef up the environmental benefits of the swales. I suggest we get the Crestwood environmental Headwaters Group and some other environmental advocates involved. (The project swale program is in the Plan report)  

Some additional thoughts: Concerning the I-5 off ramp, we need to get rid of the traffic calming “hump” as it causes an obvious conflict with traffic coming off the freeway, which is told it does not need to stop and with traffic traveling east on Taylors Ferry as they clearly have the tight of way, or so they think. Ped access needs to be redesigned here and we need a walk-dont wait light with the ability to temporarily hold traffic on the off ramp.  

We really need a way to fund this low cost proposal. It makes sense but we’ll never get there with natural evolution.   We also need the city to work with us and with Washington County to resolve this permanent disagreement over the role of Taylors Ferry. Washington County has major improvements in the STIP that are going to dump traffic on our neighborhoods.

The obvious solution is to punch 80th through to Pacific highway so that all traffic can easily get to the I-5 Tigard interchange, which is designed for that purpose.

We need the citys support to get an intelligent solution.