Vision Statement


Taylors Ferry Road is an important route in Southwest Portland. We see Taylors Ferry Road with improved facilities for walking, biking, public transit and cars. Pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers travel safely. Traffic calming features help motorists obey the speed limit. Enhanced crossings afford pedestrians safe connections to various destinations, transit stops and homes. The physical aspect of Taylors Ferry Road matches its transportation designation. Streetscape facilities such as paved paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, trees, lighting, benches and bus shelters tie the environment together with a language of common elements. Stormwater is managed with sustainable “green” techniques. Taylors Ferry Road becomes a place that strengthens the community it serves.             “A community that is designed to support walking is livable and attractive.” City of Portland Pedestrian Master Plan              

The Taylors Ferry Road Vision Plan has been reviewed & approved by:
Ashcreek NA
Crestwood NA
SWNI Board of Directors
SWNI Transportation Committee
Southwest Trails Group