Albert Kelly Park

Albert Kelly Park is located at the end of SW Mitchell Dr off Dosch Rd.

Playground and picnic table at Albert Kelly Park. Photo by Victor von Salza
Playground and picnic table at Albert Kelly Park. Photo by Victor von Salza.

The park has a level play area, a play ground, a picnic table, a baseball/soccer field, and a volleyball court (in Summer only). In February 2007 Gay Greger, Portland Parks & Recreation, reported that: "...The Bureau of Purchasing has confirmed that we have an acceptable bid so now we can finally move forward with Albert Kelly Whirl Safety Surface Improvement. The contractor should be onboard by mid-March and the construction schedule will be developed shortly thereafter."

Albert Kelly Park is on Portland Parks & Recreation's list of Parks for development of Park Functional Plan in 2007. A park functional plan consists of a vision for the park that talks about what types of activities and uses it should support and where. It specifies appropriate management and on-going community involvement and considers how a park relates to and is connected to other parks, to pedestrian and bicycle routes, and to natural resources. Portland Parks & Recreation will initiate and run the Functional Planning process, which includes contacting neighbors and the neighborhood, and a Friends of Albert Kelly Park group (see below) could help by starting work on ideas and concerns and helping involve and inform neighbors.

As of 2/7/06, one Bridlemile resident had expressed an interest in participating in (but not organizing) a Foot Patrol for Albert Kelly Park. To find out more about what a Foot Patrol does, check out what the folks in the Hamilton Park Foot Patrol are up to.

Read more about Albert Kelly Park in the interesting and informative A History of Albert Kelly Park by the Foulecourt Press. Bridlemile Creek Stewards manages the Albert Kelly Park Creek Restoration project, a watershed project focused on the creek area in the park.