Wildlife History

As reported by residents; Bridlemile's many creeks, trees, and open spaces provide habitat for many forms of wildlife including: Coyotes, Crows, Elk, Ent, Foxes, and Raccoons

Coyote Sightings There were at least one, possibly two, pets killed here in Bridlemile by coyotes in 2004. And others have also reported seeing coyotes in Bridlemile in 2006, 2005 and in years past. Below are reports of coyotes seen in Bridlemile or adjacent neighborhoods during 2004-2006. And be sure to check out the very informative Living with Urban Coyotes web page and brochure by the Audubon Society of Portland.

Saturday November 10, 2007 - while eating breakfast at 8:30 am, we watched a Coyote come out of the ravine and walk across our back yard. Meladee went to the door and chased him down the hill toward the west. I wanted to get a photo, but she acted too quickly. The coyote saw us, and was not too concerned. He was not in any hurry. 4009 SW Seymour Ct just off SW 39th. I think other neighbors have had sightings this summer, but this is one more.

Tuesday June 16, 2007 - someone has posted signs along the bottom half of SW 39th (between Hamilton and BvHwy) saying there have been two coyote sightings in the past week. Recently two cats missing signs have also gone up in roughly the same area.

Thursday September 21, 2006 - "As I was driving home I saw a pair of young looking coyotes at about 9:30 p.m at the corner of SW 35th Pl. and SW Admiral just north of Albert Kelly Park(AKP). They were in the street but headed to the east side of SW35th as I approached them in my car. After parking at home I went back on foot with my camera and as I headed up SW Admiral I saw the two of them chase something north across SW Admiral. But as I continued my approach they ran back the other way, I snapped this photo of one of them One of two coyotes headed south across SW Admiral, photo by Victor von SalzaOne of two coyotes headed south across SW Admiral. Photo by Victor von Salza but the coyote was almost out of range of the camera's built in flash, so the image was very noisy and because the zoom was still set at its wide angle (35mm equivalent) setting so the coyote is quite small in the image. In the cropped portion of the photo shown above a generous amount of noise reduction has been applied (twice) and the exposure, brigtness, and contrast have all been pushed pretty hard." - Victor von Salza

Wednesday July 12, 2006 - "I saw my first coyote today about 1 p.m. It ran across Hamilton, from south to north just west of 39th Drive, and up a narrow driveway. It stopped and looked back at my car as I drove slowly past." - Mary Joan O'Connell

February 6, 2006 - "3600 SW Seymour St, Adult coyote 40-55lbs. I first noticed this coyote in my back yard. It stood and watched as I yelled at it. It then went onto Seymour Street east bound then north bound onto 35th. This coyote didn't display any fear. It appeared to be searching. As I understand, these animals travel and hunt in pairs or groups." - John Yates

February 6, 2006 - "I saw what I believe was a coyote strolling up Dosch Road, on the east side of the road, traveling north I think somewhere in the vicinity of SW Boundary this morning. He looked completely unconcerned about traffic - more interested, I suppose, in finding a juicy little cat or dog." - Foster Church

January 7, 2006 - "A nice sized, healthy looking coyote was spotted on 18th Place at 8:15pm 1/7/06. He was in the street in front of our house and headed up our neighbor's driveway when our car pulled close to it. Neighbor's reported being suspicious of a coyote near the area a few days prior." - Jeff Nichols & Andre Moulas

December 19, 2005 - "About 9pm - saw a coyote for the 1st time on 39th Dr., crossing Lee St. Was coming down the W. side of the road, in yards & along curb-line. Crossed Lee heading down toward Fanno. Joan Griffis also reported seeing one in her circle a few days earlier." - Steve Mullinax

Early December 2005 - "I saw a coyote trotting along Dosch as I entered from Sunset, daylight hours.
Also, about four years ago, at about 8:30 a.m., a coyote had gotten into our backyard, which is loosely and incompletely fenced and ran around for several minutes trying to find a way out. Our very large but very unaggressive dog desperately wanted to go out to play with it ( definitely making social wimperings, not territorial sounds, but that seemed like a singularly bad idea.
And then there was the pair of bull elk roaming around our end of Hamilton for about six months in 2002......" - Jane Campbell

Winter 2005 - "On a winter morning this year (2005) before sunrise, I glimpsed a coyote on SW 35th Pl. just north of Albert Kelly Park(AKP). Also, I heard them sing one night at about 3a.m. in AKP last Fall, but in the 30 years I've lived here, I've only heard them once prior to that, probably two years ago. The coyotes seem to tread lightly, though they probably killed my cat last summer in AKP (at least it looked like a large jaw with slobber). In their singing/howling I've "understood" them to be saying they will target nuisance barking dogs, thereby contributing to our peaceful neighborhood... :-)" - David Auker

October 2004 - "I saw a coyote, probably in October 2004. I was driving east on Hamilton, past the school. It was about 7:30 am and the coyote was walking north in the field that is immediately east of the creek on the north side of the road, just behind the houses on, I believe 41st St. I've seen many coyotes in the wild, and all I can say about this one is that it was the healthiest coyote I have ever seen, well fed and with an excellent coat. Looked like it was heading down into the creek area. We live on 43rd, just up the hill from the tennis courts. Haven't ever heard any coyotes howling and haven't seen it again, but I always look when I'm driving by the creek or walking through those woods." - David Martin

Elk 2002 - "A pair of bull elk roamed around our end of Hamilton for about six months in 2002."

Elk, photo by Jane Campell
Elk along SW58th. Photo by Jane Campbell

"I took the photo when I happened on the elk while out walking my dog. The first time I saw them they were standing in the middle of 58th. They were masked by the dip in the hill, so I didn't see them as I turned in from Hamilton. Then my dog's sudden extreme alertness was explained as I found myself within 20 yards of them. They were amazingly large creatures. Their legs alone were almost as tall as I am." - Jane Campbell 2002 - The elk were later corralled at the home of Ian Macdonald and Janice Haymond before being taken away by Oregon Fish and Wildlife.

Elk feeding. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Elk feeding. This is where they will be corralled later. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond

Elk feeding close-up. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Elk feeding. Close-up from above photo by Macdonald/Haymond

Elk in backyard. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Elk in backyard, some snow had fallen. Close-up from another photo by Macdonald/Haymond

The elk in the corral. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
The elk in the corral. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond

Close-up of the elk in the corral. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Elk in the corral. Close-up from above photo by Macdonald/Haymond

Oregon Fish and Wildlife and OPB Oregon Field Guide Camera Crews. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Oregon Fish and Wildlife and OPB Oregon Field Guide Camera Crews. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond

Drawing of elk by Will. Photo by Macdonald/Haymond
Drawing of elk by Will Macdonald/Haymond.

Ents 2005 - A tree Ent was spotted in Albert Kelly Park.

Foxes March 2007 - While talking with Jim Metcalf at his home near Sw58th and SW Hamilton we saw a fox run across his driveway and into the trees.

Raccoons 6/30/2007 - a family of racoons was spotted in and along the bank of Restoration Creek in Area 1b of the Albert Kelly Creek Restoration.

Raccoon eating native blackberry. Photo by Victor von Salza
Raccoon eating native blackberry; more photos on the AKCR 2007 Events & Photos page. Photo by Victor von Salza

2003 - In July a family of raccoons were spotted in Albert Kelly Park by the creek just above the bridge. Be sure to check out the very informative Living with Raccoons web page and brochure by the Audubon Society of Portland.

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