Open space Park

The Open Space Park is an undeveloped open space located on the flag lot between 4119 and 4201 SW 58th Ave just north of SW Hamilton.

Aerial Photo of Open Space Park and adjacent properties off SW 58th
Together with the undeveloped portions of neighboring properties the Open Space Park (the flag lot with red dot in the center) forms a large open space in the middle of many homes. Areal Photo of the area from Portland Maps

Most of the Open Space Park is separated from 58th by a deep ravine and there are no official trails from SW58th (or other streets) to the Open Space Park, please DO NOT tresspass on neighboring driveways or properties. The best time to safely see the Open Space Park is during the annual May Friends of the Open Space Park No Ivy Day Event.

Photo of Open Space Park. Photo by Victor von Salza
One of many such views in the Open Space Park, see the Open Space History page for more photos. Photo by Victor von Salza

Click here to read the History of the Open Space Park that describes how Jane Ullman and her neighbors together with stream and open space preservation activists, Portland Parks, and the land owner turned the Jacobs' flag lot into the Open Space Park.