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The Bridlemile land use committee tracks issues related to developments in our neighborhood and those across the city that affect us.

If you would like to know more information about any of these issues or have questions about something you see going on that isn't listed, please contact committee chair Claire Coleman-Evans at  

For general issues related to all development in the SW neighborhoods, check the SWNI Land Use Committee page.


City of Portland Development Services

A good source to review public notices and agendas for land use reviews, hearings, pre-application conferences and other public meetings.


Residential Infill Project - Draft Proposal 06/29/2016

Residential Infill Project draft proposal concept map image

United Neighbors for Reform Demolition/Development Resolution

November 1, 2014
To: All Portland Neighborhood Associations
From: United Neighborhoods for Reform

In response to the increasing trend in demolitions of single-family homes, a coalition of Portland neighborhoods, United Neighborhoods for Reform (UNR), has developed the attached resolution to be presented to the Portland City Council by mid-December 2014.

We seek your neighborhood association’s endorsement of this resolution.

This resolution is the result of several neighborhood summits representing 21 neighborhoods and many committee meetings to develop petition language. Discussion covered issues including demolition and the size of replacement houses, loss of affordable housing, impact of lot splitting on many neighborhoods, and exposure to asbestos and lead resulting from demolitions.

In addition to the summits, approximately 2,200 Portland-area residents have signed the online petition to limit demolitions. An online survey has been completed by 460 people. Of those responding, 84% oppose the current rate of demolitions and 91% support changes to city code and policies to limit demolitions and the size of replacement housing.

After collecting neighborhood association endorsements we will take this resolution to City Council as early as mid-December. We also ask you to be part of a huge turnout at the City Council meeting to support these changes (date to be announced).

Please discuss this resolution with your neighborhood association. Send an email reply by December 12, 2014, to tell us whether your association supports the resolution to:

State in your email response:

Yes, our neighborhood supports the UNR resolution regarding demolition and development in Portland.
No, our neighborhood does not support the UNR resolution regarding demolition and development in Portland.

Also in your email include:

Name and phone number of neighborhood association representative sending the email.

If you would like a UNR representative to present the resolution at your neighborhood association meeting, contact Margaret Davis by email at manaobooks(at sign) .

Thank you for your consideration and support,

United Neighborhoods for Reform
Comments suggestion welcome.



From: Richard U’Ren and Annette Jolin. We are Northwest District Association members and residents

Re: Opposition to Demolition of Historic Ballow* & Wright Building at 1727 NW Hoyt Street

We are asking for your support in opposing the demolition of a historic building. The building, which is also referred to as the Buck-Prager building, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing resource in the Alphabet Historic District in Northwest Portland. A public hearing concerning the demolition will be held before the Portland Historic Landmarks Commission on November 17, 2014.

The Ballow & Wright building, constructed in 1918, was originally occupied by the Portland Women’s Hospital and later the Oregon College of Art & Craft. It is a handsome two-story brick building. Its demolition is intended to allow for the construction of a six-story, 82 unit apartment building.

We are opposed to the demolition for several reasons. First, granting the demolition of a historic contributing building to allow an apartment building eases the path to the destruction of other historic resources in the city, i.e. it sets a precedent with likely harmful consequences for historic preservation efforts all over Portland, including your neighborhood. Second, the construction of a six-story apartment building on the site is incompatible, in terms of scale, form, and character, with the surrounding homes. These homes, built in the last two decades of the 19th century, define two of the more picturesque streets in Portland. A large, out-of-scale apartment building sandwiched between these two streets would seriously compromise the unique historic appearance of the area.

The Northwest District Association strongly opposes the demolition of the Ballow & Wright building and has sent a letter to the mayor, the city commissioners, and the Historic Landmarks Commission detailing their reasons. At the pre-application conference, the Portland Bureau of Development staff was very emphatic in stating that the proposal was unlikely to meet the approval criteria for demolition. The City Council has approved the demolition of a contributing resource only once, and that was done to provide valuable public services for the needy (Blanchet House), a factor irrelevant in this case. A feature article in the current issue of the NW Examiner shows some of the 49 neighbors who signed a petition in opposition to the demolition. Please see:

A letter from you supporting our position would be very helpful. We are reluctant to send out a model form letter that supports our position, believing that individualized letters will have more weight with the Commission. The third paragraph above, which mentions the reasons for our opposition to the demolition and the building project, should help, though.
Mail your letter to:

Bureau of Development Services
Historic Landmarks Commission
1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 5000
Portland, OR 97201

Alternatively you can fax the letter to 503/823-5630 or email it to Please send your letter as soon as possible. To be considered it must be in the hands of the Commission when the hearing commences at 1:30 pm on November 17, 2014.

It would be helpful if you could also send an electronic copy of your letter to us at Should you have questions about this request, you can email us at the above address or call us at 503.225.9992 or 503.816.5957.
Thank you for your support.

*In some documents the spelling is Ballou & Wright.



A link to a video that was produced by the ReBuilding Center that talks about deconstruction as an alternative to mechanized demolition:



A link to a video from Central Northeast Neighbors: Demolition, Residential Infill, and Housing Affordability in Portland Neighborhoods


Bridlemile Neighborhood Association Vision Statement

SW Community Plan

In the 1990's the City of Portland undertook a multi-year process, called the SW Community Plan, to update the zoning of SW Portland. Many neighborhoods worked on creating Neighborhood Plans which expressed the zoning and other improvements they wanted to see in their neighborhoods. Because Bridlemile split out from Bridlemile/Robert Gray neighborhood (which became Hillsdale) late in the process Bridlemile was not allowed to do a full blown Neighborhood Plan but only a Vision Statement which the BNA spent a number of meetings working on and approved. Bridlemile Neighborhood Association Vision Statement w/Addendum: BNAVSwAd.pdf, 24KB 24KB/11 pages


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