Safety and Crime

The Safety and Crime committee is dedicated to helping neighbors make our neighborhood a safer place.

Montage of Crime Topics. Photos by Tom Doberstein & Victor von Salza.
Graffiti, Fire Station, Foot Patrol, Joy Riding

Committee Chair and Volunteers Needed

The BNA board is looking for one or more volunteers who could attend (and represent the BNA at) the monthly SWNI Public Safety meetings and keep the BNA informed. If you can help and or are interested in becoming chair of this important committee please contact the BNA Board and or come to the next BNA Board meeting.

Phone Numbers

If you see activity that appears to violate a law or ordinance, please call the police to report it as soon as possible, Call 911 for crimes in progress or for dangerous or life-threatening situations that require immediate police intervention, e.g.

  • You believe someone is driving away from the park drunk
  • There is a fight at the park
  • You hear gunshots
  • You see a crime being committed
  • You think someone is hurt or about to get hurt
  • You you feel threatened by someone who has come to your door.

Call 503-823-3333 the Portland Police Non-Emergency # for crimes that have already happened or situations that are less threatening, e.g.

  • Someone is making excessive noise at the park
  • A group is using the park after hours • A minor is out past curfew in the park
  • Report suspicious door-to-door activity (see below)

Both 911 and the non-emergency number are answered by the same call takers at the Bureau of Emergency Communications. The 911 calls are answered first, and the non-emergency calls are answered next.

Call 503-823-4TAG(4824) the Portland Police Bureau's Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti.

Call 503-823-SAFE (503-823-7233) the Transportation Safety and Livability Hotline to report intersection safety, pedestrian safety, school safety, neighborhood speeding, visibility of signs or pavement markings, bicycle safety, parking, or initial capital project requests.

Call 503-823-4257 or email Jenni Pullen, Crime Prevention Coordinator for Southwest Portland, regarding problem-solving, education, community organizing on crime & livability issues

Coyotes and other Wildlife in Bridlemile

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Pedestrian Safety

Information about Pedestrian Safety issues in Bridlemile is on the Transportation & Pedestrian Safety and its child pages.