Annual Spring and Fall Cleanups

Next SWNI/SW Community Recycling Cleanup:
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

9 am - 1 pm
Portland Christian Center parking lot
5700 SW Dosch Road

If you value this event, please consider volunteering. We are in need of even more volunteers now that we are collecting many more items. It won't happen without you! Please call (503) 823-4592 or email:, or click here to sign up.

Suggested fee: $20 per trip for bulky waste, scrap metal and small electronics and recycling items.
$5 per trip if you only have recyclables. The money we collect helps us run this event by recovering disposal fees and organizational costs. If you brought these items to Metro for disposal or hired an outside disposal company, you would be paying MUCH more than $20. 

Volunteers will be available to help but please come prepared to unload your own vehicle. Bring gloves and a friend.

Tips to make the line move faster: 
- Keep items separated for easier unloading- ie. metal separate from bulky waste.
- Load bulky waste into your vehicle last since it will be the first to unload. 
See the bottom of this page for a site map...

Fall Cleanup flyer

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ACCEPTED at the Cleanup:  

  • bulky waste (large items that won’t fit in your garbage can): broken/dirty furniture, mattresses, toys, kitty condos, carpet, hoses, scrap wood, rotting decking, pressure treated wood, etc.
  • small electronics: working and non-working TVs, computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, cell phones, VCRs, cords, chargers, electric power tools, stereos, etc.  Please remove all batteries and printer cartridges before bringing for disposal. They can be recycled at the Cleanup separately. 
  • scrap metal (any item with metal): washers, dryers, ladders, bicycles, pipes, screens, etc. 
  • block styrofoam and food containers (clean, NO styrofoam peanuts)
  • light bulbs (CFLs only, NO fluorescent tubes, NO incandescents) 
  • batteries (small and large, separate by type)
  • cork (all sizes and types)
  • printer cartridges (all sizes and types)
  • food container pouches (clean, Go-Go Squeezes)
  • silver lined snack bar wrappers (clean, please!)
  • toothbrushes and plastic dental floss containers

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NOT ACCEPTED at the cleanup:

  • re-useable items like furniture, kitchenware, home appliances, linens. Community Warehouse is a good place to get rid of these items.  Click here for Community Warehouse contact info.
  • yard debris
  • construction, demolition and remodeling debris due to risk of asbestos 
  • hazardous waste (paint, fertilizers, etc.  The only exception is batteries.)
  • commercial waste
  • drywall/Sheetrock
  • kitchen garbage
  • curbside recyclables
  • composition roofing
  • stumps and rocks

Commercial trucks will NOT be permitted.

Yard debris will NOT be collected at the Cleanup. Yard debris will have to be disposed of in your curbside recycling or by calling a disposal company. 

Due to Metro regulations, nothing suspected of containing asbestos will be accepted. Construction, demolition and remodeling debris will NOT be accepted. If you have recently completed a Do-It-Yourself remodeling project or have materials leftover from hiring someone for remodeling, you will have to self-haul or contact a disposal company. Please see the sidebar for more disposal options. 

Are you a senior or disabled resident and can’t get items to us?
You may schedule a curbside pickup! One pickup load per address and all items must be ready in the driveway. 


Tuesday, October 29th, 5 pm
Call 503-823-4592

Cleanup Site map