Communications Committee

Communications Committee Purpose

Adopted October 3, 2016
The Communications Committee will develop, promote and teach communications tools and procedures for the benefit of SWNI and its neighborhood associations. This includes both electronic and print media, and such tools as email, web services, social media, audio/video technology, etc. The Committee works to make sure all SWNI communication modes are inclusive and accessible and we reach out to individuals and communities not well represented.

Communications Committee Action Plan

Adopted October 3, 2016
  1. Conduct outreach regarding what the SWNI Communications Committee offers the community.
  2. Recruit NA’s to send a representative to committee meetings for bilateral information sharing.
  3. Develop audio/video teleconferencing capabilities and training materials.
  4. Develop resource page about SWNI communications capabilities.
  5. Explore a visual website design option.
  6. Respond to Neighborhood communications needs.
  7. Survey Neighborhood Associations on Communications needs.
  8. Develop NA communications actions based on survey.
  9. Host training workshops.
  10. Develop communications policies and guidelines.




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2016-07-27 SWNI Communications Committee Action Plan submitted to SWNI board

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2016-05-25 SWNI Board approves motion to make the SWNI Communications Committee a standing committee.