Crestwood Board Members

Name Title Term
Tony Hansen President 2019 - 2020
Marianne Fitzgerald Vice President 2019 - 2020
Jenny Wright Secretary/Treasurer 2019 - 2020
Charles Moseley Director At-Large 2019 - 2021
Joshua Keroes Director At-Large 2019 - 2021
Vic Rodriguez Director At-Large 2020 - 2022


Annual elections are held in May. Want to help out with the workings of our neighborhood? We welcome new board members! Term of office for Directors At-Large is 2 years. Term of office for Officers is 1 year.

Board Member Handbook

Crestwood Neighborhood Association Bylaws, September 2016 (pdf)

City of Portland

Neighborhood associations recognized by the City of Portland, through the City of Portland Neighborhood Program agree to follow the City's Standards for Neighborhood Associations and in return, receive support from Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI), a city-funded neighborhood coalition office. The Grant Agreement identifies SWNI's responsibilities in serving neighborhood associations.

City Code Title 3.96 is the authorizing language for Portland's neighborhood system and directs the city to develop Standards.

The Standards for Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, Business District Associations, And the Office of Neighborhood Involvement document sets out the basis for City recognition of Neighborhood Associations and the responsibilities and benefits accruing thereto. 

Section VIII: Open Meetings and Public Records, Paragraph L. Minutes:

  1. Minutes shall be taken at all meetings. Minutes do not have to be a verbatim transcript of the meeting but shall at least summarize discussion and actions. Minutes shall also include the following:

    1. Members in attendance,

    2. All actions, including motions, proposals, and resolutions stated in full and their dispositions; and,

    3. Results of all votes taken, and a summary of minority opinions on all topics on which a vote is taken.

  2. Minutes shall be put in writing and made available to the public, except for minutes from executive sessions, within a reasonable time after the meeting. Neighborhood Associations are required to forward copies of their meeting minutes to their District Coalitions.

State of Oregon

Department of Justice Charitable Activities Section

Guide to Nonprofit Board Service (PDF)

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 65

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) receives grant funding from the City of Portland to provide training, orientation, information and support services, facilitate communication between people and government and promote public participation within the 17 volunteer-based neighborhood associations in southwest Portland on issues of livability, safety and public policy.

SWNI Resources for Neighborhood Associations

Access to the following communication tools is restricted to Crestwood Board of Directors:

Crestwood Board Google Group

Crestwood Neighborhood Association Google Drive

Political Activities advises that 501(c)(3) nonprofits may not support or oppose candidates for public office. However, these organizations can conduct a broad range of activities on a nonpartisan basis to help their community participate and vote. The IRS tax code contains a single sentence related to the political activities of 501(c)(3)s. It states 501(c)(3) nonprofits are “prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”