Taylors Ferry Sidewalks and Bike Lanes



Examples of the unsafe roadside

The City of Portland and Metro propose to fund sidewalk and bicycle improvements to SW Taylors Ferry Road between SW Capitol Highway and SW 49th.  This is one of 23 projects competing for a Regional Flexible Fund Allocation (RFFA) grant, and not all projects will get funded.  We need to show strong support!  This project has the support of the Crestwood, Ashcreek and Multnomah Neighborhoods, as well as Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc., and a lot of residents are very excited about it.  Please pass the word (anyone can submit comments on this regional grant) and help us get this project funded.  

There’s detailed information about the RFFA and all 23 candidate projects on Metro's website, https://www.oregonmetro.gov/public-projects/regional-flexible-funding-transportation-projects.

You can share your views in an online survey on Metro's website, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/43million, or by:

  • email to transportation@oregonmetro.gov
  • mail to Transportation Planning, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland, OR, 97232
  • phone at 503-797-1757 or TDD 503-797-1850.

It's most helpful to send comments by September 30.  The comment deadline is 5:00 pm October 7, 2019.

 Here's some possible talking points for you to mention.  It's best to tell your story in your own words, and include photos that show how unsafe it is and how much we need this project funded.  

  • I strongly support funding the City of Portland's grant project M10, the Taylors Ferry Road Transit Access and Safety Project.  This project will encourage me to leave my car at home and walk and bike more.  
  • This project will make it safer to walk, bike and take transit to Barbur World Foods and other destinations in West Portland, and access bus service on SW Capitol Highway and SW Barbur Blvd., and the future light rail station at the Barbur Transit Center.  
  • The area is too dangerous today to be a Safe Route to Schools that my children attend (Markham Elementary and Jackson Middle School, Portland Community College Sylvania Campus, etc).  Funding these improvements will encourage my family to walk or bike to school.
  • We want to do our part to mitigate climate change but it's too dangerous to walk and bike along SW Taylors Ferry Road today.  
  • This project supports the many community activities at West Portland United Methodist Church, including the Neighborhood Emergency Team meetings and BEECN site, and the community garden site.  
  • We want get the broken fence over Woods Creek fixed.  It was hit by a car a few years ago but we faced many challenges to getting it fixed.  It has been a particularly scary section of the road for years and discourages people from walking and biking today.  
  • SW Taylors Ferry Road experiences a lot of regional traffic going to and from Washington County, and the traffic volumes and speeds discourage people from walking and biking today.  We want more people walking and biking and less people driving on our streets.  
  • There is no westbound bike lane for people who want to bike toward Washington County, and the section over Woods Creek is a difficult uphill climb with little more than a fog line to ride on.  
  • This project ties directly into the West Portland Town Center and the upcoming sidewalk and bike improvements on SW Capitol Highway.  

Anyone can comment on the grant, you don’t need to live in the neighborhood.  Please add your own thoughts and include your name, address and zip code in any email or letter you send to Metro.   transportation@oregonmetro.gov is the email address for submitting comments.

Map of area
M10 Taylors Ferry Road transit access safety

SW Taylors Ferry Road: SW 49th Avenue to SW Capitol Highway Constructs high-priority walking and biking connections on West Taylors Ferry Road to provide active transportation access to Southwest Corridor light rail station areas.

Thank you very much for your help with this strong show of support for SW Taylors Ferry Road project M10 and help make our community a safer place!  

If you have questions or need help developing your comments, please contact Marianne Fitzgerald, Crestwood Neighborhood Association, at fitzgerald.marianne@gmail.com