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Board Elections

The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA) is organized to provide a balanced and open process by which all residents can involve themselves in neighborhood affairs by sharing information and ideas in a courteous and respectful manner and by organizing for the betterment of the community.

The Board of Directors manages the affairs of HNA.

Becoming an HNA Board Member

Thanks for coming to this page to learn about the upcoming elections. We hope you’ll consider running for a position and that you’ll encourage others to run, too.

On this page you’ll learn:

1. What the HNA is.

2. What an HNA Board Member does.

3. How to know if you might be right for the role.

4. How to run for one of the open positions.

1. What is the HNA?

The HNA is an officially recognized volunteer organization, which informs the Hillsdale community of important issues and helps the community to shape its future through various initiatives. It operates according to a set of rules (Bylaws), and has a Board which numbers between 7-13 members.

2. What does an HNA Board Member do?

A Board Member’s Task is to help keep the community informed and where appropriate articulate a vision, act as its steward, and help implement the related initiatives.

Board Members are elected to two-year terms. It’s expected that as a Board Member, you will attend a regular general meeting of the HNA, which is held in the evening once per month, and lasts about 2 hours. In addition, there are occasional special meetings you would be asked to attend.=

To become a Board Member, you must first become a Member of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA), and then be voted in by a majority other Members attending the elections meeting.

Membership in the HNA requires only that you be 16 years of age or older, that you live, study, own property, or work in Hillsdale, and either have either attended a previous meeting or completed a simple Membership form, available at https://bit.ly/2VG10iz).

3. Am I the right person to run for a Board position?

To help you consider this, we’ve put together a description of some general capabilities that will likely be useful to you in the role:

  • A willingness to discover, develop, maintain, and advocate a vision reflecting the current and future needs of the community.
  • A commitment to work collaboratively, fostering inclusiveness, maintaining neighborhood goodwill, and sustaining positive and productive relationships with government representatives and other stakeholders.
  • An ability to honor time commitments specific to HNA operations and by-laws, such as attendance at monthly membership meetings and occasional special meetings (up to 4 hours per month), advocacy, neighborhood relations and outreach activities.
  • Readiness to help guide neighbors through administrative process and advocacy efforts with city, state, local, and federal governments.
  • Capability either to serve as an officer or to oversee the activities of officers.

4. How do I run for a position as a Board Member of the HNA?

Become a member. First, if you haven’t already done so, complete the brief form required to become a Member of the HNA (see note above.) It just takes a minute, but be sure to complete it by May 31, 2019 at the latest!

Answer the questions provided below, to help people get to know you. These questions are not meant to qualify you—but only to help others at the HNA get to know you better.

Email your answers to these questions to the Nominating Committee at board@hna-pdx.com. Please write “HNA Nominee + your name” in the subject line of the email.  

Receipt of your answers will automatically make you a nominee and put your name on the ballot. Think carefully about your responses. The Nominating Committee will publicize them on the HNA web site, and will make them available for other Members to read on the day of the elections.

Following are the questions the Nominations Committee invites you to answer:

  • Why are you interested in serving on the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA) Board?
  • What strengths and perspectives would you bring to the HNA Board?
  • What neighborhood issues and topics do you feel strongly about and why?
  • How will you ensure that the HNA reflects the views of the neighborhood as a whole?
  • What would you like to accomplish as a Board Member? What would be your priorities?
  • Do you perceive any conflicts of interest? The HNA often concerns itself with issues relating to public resources, such as land use, housing, education, and transportation.
  • What is your prior volunteer experience? Have you previously served in a board or leadership role?

Come to the Elections Meeting on June 5th

Elections will be held at the Hillsdale Public Library, 5:45pm-7:45 pm, on Wednesday June 5, 2019.

At the meeting, prior to the vote, you will be asked to say a few words about yourself to the general membership.

Please look at the Agenda for the meeting here: https://swni.org/hillsdale/meetings. Click on the “Agenda” link to see what’s planned for the actual voting process. (If the link is not yet active by the time you read this announcement, please check again in a day or two. We’ll have it posted very soon.)

Thank you for helping Hillsdale.

We’ll look forward to meeting you on June 5th!

Nominating Committee of the HNA

Glenn Bridger

Rick Meigs

Will Reese

Andrea Wall